Monday, August 3, 2015

Hanging out in New Orleans

You guys the month of July has been a crazy busy month for us I tell you. Between work trips, fun trips and a wedding, every weekend was booked with activities. I got to go to New Orleans for a week to attend a work conference. My aunt and cousin tagged along so that I could bring Bean with me plus they had never been to NOLA so we spent the down time hanging out in the French Quarter and taking on the sights.

Hubby stayed at home with my mom and the big boys that week. We missed them terribly but it was so good to be able to give Bean all my undivided attention for a week. I think he really appreciated that. I love this sweet face
The first day we got in, we of course set out on a mission to check out our surroundings as you do. Hanging out with my aunt and Bean
We also had some delicious shrimp po boys, a must have in NOLA.
The next day I started the conference bright and early. I would routinely go to work all day and when I got off we would set out for some awesome adventures in town. I also came back to have lunch with my crew and nurse my beanie baby. Everyday was long but oh so fun. This was my aunt and cousin's first trip to NOLA and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

I sent hubby a selfie everyday
 Look at this bonus pic with Bean smiling away
 Don't mind me, I am crazy sometimes
The first day of our adventure we decided to tackle the key tourist attractions
 I love that my cousin was so much fun the whole trip and played along with my silliness
 We checked out "Cafe du Monde" of course
 The beignets were so awesome there
Then we found Bourbon street and took some fun pics
 I love this crew of mine
By the time we got back to the hotel that night we were shattered and slept like babies. Our goal the next day was to find a sign that said New Orleans, I am a huge fan of signs and couldn't leave this place without finding one.

We found one, YAY
 Bean passed out as soon as we got to the restaurant. Grown up lunch what up
 After work we went back to the monument. We checked out Jackson's square on the way to dinner
 After Jackson's square we decided to have dinner at the famous Oceana. The food was delicious
 After dinner we went back to Bourbon street and walked in on a parade. We joined them of course
 These cops were leading the parade and didn't mind taking a pic with us
 Drinking on the street, don't mind if we do. Gotta love NOLA
 We took a lot of selfies
 But this is by far my favorite of my cousin taking a selfie with the band
We were so hot after walking around for hours that we decided to take advantage of the pool that night. Bean enjoyed every minute of it

We definitely slept well that night. The next day we were back at it again of course. I am addicted to pictures with signs :)
 We checked out the Manning's sports bar. This place was awesome and surprisingly affordable

I mean they have these awesome chairs in front of a giant TV. I would so come back here when football season is on because I know this place is where it's at
 After an early dinner at Manning's we went on to ride the tram. We had to do it :)
Our last day in NOLA was uneventful, we went to the mall after work and since Bean was passed out we decided to stay indoors so that he could get some rest. We wore that kid out.
Then we headed back to some of the monuments. Jackson's square by night :)
And of course before we left, we went back to Cafe du Monde for one last round of beignets. This place is opened 24/7 you guys. A must see if you ever go to NOLA

As we bid farewell to NOLA, I am thankful for all the awesome memories that we made. I am so glad my aunt and cousin were able to come with me so that I could bring Bean and have someone to hang out with. Have you ever been to NOLA? you should definitely put it on your list of towns to visit. This place embodies culture, great food, and non-stop fun.

The day after we came back from NOLA, hubby and I jetted off to Mexico for a week with a few close friends, no kids, adults only. As much as I missed my boys, I really enjoyed spending some much needed alone time with my main man. My family is amazing, everyone pitched in to watch the kids for us while we are gone so that we could have an amazing anniversary celebrations.


  1. Looks fun! My stepmother was born and raised in NOLA and her and my dad visit every year. They have taken my daughter a couple times and she loved riding the streetcar, but I have never been myself!

  2. Great pics and it's great that you and Bean were able to have that time together. Have an amazing vacation with your hubby!

  3. What a fun trip! I love New Orleans. I hope I get to go back again. My sister used to live there and she had a great time.

  4. What a fun trip! I love New Orleans. I hope I get to go back again. My sister used to live there and she had a great time.