Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mother and son date

Every year my company host a picnic with lots of fun activities for the kids. I usually take the boys with my aunt and cousin and we enjoy a great day of fun. This year unfortunately my aunt and cousin left earlier than they normally do and I was left having to take all 3 kids by myself. Now, I love hanging out with the boys, but 3 young children at such an event is suicidal. I decided to take the babies to school and turn this into a mother and son date with my big boy Tman. He was so excited that we were going to spend the day hanging out together he could barely contain himself.

We dropped off Jbird and Bean at daycare. I didn't feel too bad because they had water play on that day and that's always a fun day for them. We used Tman and Jbird's backpack to pack a towel and change of clothes, Bean jumped on it and loved wheeling it around. I guess he is ready for a back pack of his own.
After we dropped the babies off, I took Tman to my office where we enjoyed a few donuts and met with some of my coworkers before heading to the picnic. Tman loved being the center of attention.

Tman started with the jump house, his favorite attraction
Then there was a mini shooting range that he wanted to try
 I was able to lift him up so that he could see

We took a few selfies of course. Tman pointing at my hair flying away :)
Then we got on the train and chilled for a bit
Smiling on the train
Making funny faces on the train
Then we met with my friend Anna and her daughter Mila (we traveled to Mexico with them last April)

Having lunch with Mila
Followed by some more jump house action
Then Tman wanted to go on a train ride with Mila so off we went
Riding the train with Anna and Mila
We concluded the event with a visit to the clown who was making balloons. Tman requested a purple sword and the clown made a belt to go with the sword. He loved it.

 My big boy and his purple sword :)
The minute we got in the car, Tman passed out
What a fun day it was hanging out with my big boy. I am glad that I turned this event into a mother and son date and was able to give him all the attention in the world. He truly felt special and asked me when we would go on a date again. That kid I tell you.


  1. What a fun date with Tman! I am sure he'll cherish these memories for a long time to come.
    I wish my company did something similar. I missed the last bring your kid to work day because I was out on maternity. Looking forward to it next year.

  2. Your company is awesome for doing stuff like this. Tman had a great time. Mom and son bonding time

  3. Such a wonderful initiative from your company. Looks like Tman had an awesome time :)