Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Anniversary trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico

Hubby and I are really love to travel so when we got married, we decided that every year we would forgo huge gifts and simply celebrate our anniversary with a trip. My family graciously volunteered to watch our boys so that we could have a kid-free vacation to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary (we are so lucky and we know it). When we told two of our close friends, they decided to join us making this a 3-couple trip. It was such a brilliant idea. We spent a week frolicking on the beaches of Mexico and loved every minute of it.

Our crew on the day we arrived in Mexico
We stayed at the Mayan resort and this place was amazing.

Check out that awesome beach
One of our friends owned a timeshare and scored us a pretty swank 2-bedroom suite with a pool on the balcony.

Feet picture with the pool, what up. We are such dorks I know
Because we didn't have the kids, we were a bit adventurous and left the resort on numerous occasions. A few of us ventured downtown and to check out the city and enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant
Beaching with the pregnant lady of our group, she was such a trooper carrying that belly everywhere in the heat
Dinner with the crew
The girls doing their thing
Posing for pics with my main man before dinner
Dinner with this awesome group
Feet pictures are my favorite :)
And I love selfies even more, we are a fun bunch
We checked out downtown Playa del Carmen, that place was so nice. It felt like we were in America, seriously.

We went to the beach for my photo op :)
We took full advantage of our balcony pool with cocktails in hand of course
Check out hubby joining the girls pic
We also took full advantage of the big pool
We drank some crazy drinks, this one was called coco loco something about being crazy
We took loads of underwater pictures because I love to use my underwater camera. Hubby was pretending to play the drums here
Underwater selfies, what up. Don't mind my hubby, he hates water in his eyes so he is wearing a mask
Playing in the pool, check out those soccer calves
Love this pic of us in paradise
I wasn't ready to leave though I was excited to see my boys. We enjoyed one last cocktail at the airport before we left. The lava flow is my absolute favorite
I really wanted a picture with Bubba Gump in the background ;)
This was such a great relaxing trip. A great way to celebrate 6 years of marriage. After a whirlwind month of July, it was nice to take time off and unwind. The icing on the cake was being able to celebrate with our friends in tow. I love Mexico, it's truly an awesome vacation destination so close to home. Where do you like to vacation? Have you tried Mexico? You definitely should.


  1. This looks amazing! I went to Riviera Maya last year and I would LOVE to go back someday! Glad you had fun and happy 6 years! :)

  2. Fantastic trip! The drink your hubby has looks amazing. Cheers to many more anniversaries.

  3. This is just so cool! Giving me ideas for when our kids are out of diapers! You guys looked great. Such a lovely trip!

  4. Happy 6years...and how awesome that you could make it a friendship trip too! A great way to celebrate with time away each time!