Sunday, June 21, 2015

Coming up for some air

You guys the past month was the craziest of our lives in a very long time. Between funerals, visitors, wedding celebrations and just daily life, it felt like we didn't get a break at all. Somehow we survived and are thankful for the strength we found that we didn't even know we had.

Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there. It is nice to have a special day to celebrate all that you do everyday for your children and our society.

Before and during all the craziness that was our life the past month, so many exciting things and mundane things also happened. The coolest thing of all was my first boy, Tman graduating from PreK. You guys I can't even get over it, he is going to Kindergarten next year. I am so excited because I know he is ready and will do great. I am also grateful that  he will be in some great hands because he is going to a Catholic school where the principal is a great friend of mine. Go Tman, I am so proud of you my son.
My dad was here from Cameroon for my brother's graduation and he stayed for 2 weeks. Since we only see him once a year, we always spend every minute possible with him while he is here.

Check him out having breakfast with the kids, he is such a proud granddad. In typical Cameroonian fashion, he congratulates my husband all the time for having so many boys. 
We took my dad to the mall to do some shopping
I always let the boys play at the mall to wear them out while we shop
They love it. They even made a friend this time. I love that Bean always wants to be part of this group.
They were all passed out the minute we got in the car, we definitely wore them out :)
After my dad left, we got a visit from hubby's friend from College who lives in England. He came to visit with his mom and were only in town for a couple of days. These two used to live in the same house back in their college days, 3 kids later and they are still chilling :)
 His mom was so sweet, she loved hanging out with the boys. She also had 3 boys and told me all about the fun she had raising them. I love amazing testimonies like that.
 We took the boys outside to play while they were here
In the evening we left the boys at home and went out for a grown up dinner so that we could actually have a conversation. It was so nice hanging out with them
Another friend of hubby who lives in England came to visit. He also lived with hubby back in his college days and he was the best man at our wedding.
We went to a birthday party at pump it up. The boys love this place. We held their party there last year and we are thinking of doing the same thing this year. They had a ball there. My mom came with me, she love hanging out with the boys.
 Bean was unsure about all the jumping so we always held him
 Totally tackling Jbird here, hehehehehehe
 We went down this crazy slide
 I was more scared than the boys
 They had so much fun playing in the jump houses
 Future baseball pro right here.
I took my grandma shopping with me, it was so nice to hav e some company
Jbird fell asleep while we were there and we let the other boys run around everywhere.
My boys always pass out after a trip to the mall :)
After 6 weekends back to back full of activity and such, it is nice to know that we have absolutely nothing planned for next weekend but sleep. Our kids are such troopers because they just embraced the craziness and rolled with the punches. We took a breather this weekend  with just a few activities and how perfect that it happens to be Father's Day weekend. It's good to be back to some sort of normalcy. Happy Father's Day


  1. My goodness, you really have been super busy. I think you guys deserve a blockbuster night... :)

  2. Your boys always have fun regardless. I'm sure your going to enjoy some quiet time from the last couple of hetic week. It all looked like fun.

  3. Ahh, those weekends when nothing is planned always seem to be the most relaxing. Glad that you had a laid back weekend after all the busyness the last few weeks!

  4. It looks like they had so much fun! Glad you guys enjoyed your weekend of rest!