Monday, October 27, 2014

Thoughts on baby #4

You don't even know how many times people have asked me about baby #4, particularly the moment we found out that Bean was going to be a boy. I have had these thoughts about baby #4 in my head for a while now and I decided to share it, so here it goes.

I am also sharing the pictures from two weekends ago when we hung out with the family and did our last cookout of the season. It was a glorious day with a bunch of happy kids :).
 4 generations with all the grandchildren
The second after I gave birth to my Tman, I knew there was going to be a baby #2 in our future. The minute after I gave birth to my Jbird, I knew there was going to be a baby #3 in our future. Something strange happened after we had Bean, I didn't think about a baby #4. I actually thought that we could be done. Hubby definitely felt like we were done :).
 The boys always run to hubby when he comes back from his run
 Three young kids so close in age is definitely not for the faint of heart. It's hard work, it's expensive, it's a lot of responsibilities, it turns your world upside down, it makes your life chaotic but let me tell you it is so worth every second. You might be a zombie for years and never get a moment alone but I swear we felt that we were born for this challenge and everyday we thank God for this blessing and the lives of these children that he entrusted in us.

We slowly got adjusted to life with 3 kids then our routine was completely thrown off when I returned to work full time 5 months ago. Luckily 2 months into it we were back into a great routine with all 3 kids. We can't even believe how easy things have been the past few months. We got this 3 baby business down to a science now and it feels good.

Something totally amazing happened , around the time Bean turned 7 months, which is usually when we have our when to have the next baby talk. Hubby and I talked about baby #4 and none of us wanted to run away :). I was totally on board and hubby was slightly hesitant but we both thought that our family was not quite complete. It doesn't help that Bean is just the sweetest, nicest, chill and happiest baby you've ever met.

I might have to do some convincing when the time comes because from time to time hubby says that we are done when one of the kids throws a major tantrum but to me, that's just life with young kids. I am excited at the prospect of another pregnancy and another baby. We are in a sweet spot though because even if we were done here, I feel like our family is perfect the way it is and would only be even more perfect with another baby in it  ;).
As far as the sex of the baby goes, to be perfectly honest, I would love to have a girl. I know we will be happy no matter what the sex of the baby is because our desire for a 4th baby is stronger than our desire for a girl but all my prayers go something like "a healthy baby girl please." Hubby's comment on the subject was "well if it's 4 boys, we can dress them up like ninja turtles for Halloween one year." I know, my hubby is full of wisdom like that.

Anyway, God willing, there will be a baby #4 in our future. If we are lucky to get there, Baby #4 will be our finale, the baby that completes our family. After baby #4, we will close down our baby making factory and raise our kids :).
For now, we enjoy the 3 boys that we have while I daydream that this time next year, I could be sporting a bump, if I am lucky :).


  1. This made me all teary eyed! We need to catch up soon! Hopefully we'll get a chance to talk at Jordan's birthday party!

    Love all the pics! See you soon!

  2. What a wonderful post. I was smiling from the very beginning all the way to the very last word... :)

  3. Wow! Some people thrive on the joys of a large family and it looks like you are one of them. If it makes you both happy that is great. Keep 'em coming!! LOL

  4. You guys make it look so easy, i love how your extended family supports you guys so much. Looking at your pics is a gentle reminder that family life is what i'm looking forward to the most in marriage. All women want a mini me, all the best with your decision.

  5. This is great!! Your boys are adorable and I can only imagine how much joy they bring you all. I always get a little sad when someone says they are done having children. I''m not sure why, I guess because it seems so "final". I wish I could afford 4 children- I'd be right behind you, lol! When the time is right I'll be sending baby girl prayers your way (or minimally healthy baby prayers)!

  6. Great post!! I am excited for you, I hope you get your little girl, but I totally know you will be fine either way. Your boys are so adorable!!!

  7. This was a great post. I love that you truly have found your calling. To be a wonderful mom. I feel that it won't be long when you're announcing your 4th baby :)

  8. Awww! You have such a nice looking family. I have three kids myself, and like yours, my hubby says we're done, but I would love to have another baby :-)

  9. Nice blog to follow, i found you thrue other bloggers...blessings

  10. I love that you and hubby are on the same page with baby beautiful! And here's to the baby fairies making their magic happen. you are amazing at making three little ones under 4 look effortless! good luck lady!