Thursday, October 16, 2014

Randomness and we have a crawler

You guys I am so super excited because my baby Bean is crawling. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, he is full on crawling trying to chase his brothers around the house. Hold me, please, I can't keep up with this baby that is growing way to fast ( and though I love it, I also am nostalgic for the baby stage fleeting away.)

Here he is getting started
Yup, he is on the move
So proud of himself, good job Beanie baby
Back to my random post about a bunch of things that have happened in our lives lately.

It's been a year since my hubby got his lasik surgery done and let me tell you, he is so happy that he did it. His vision has never been better and I must say I love that he doesn't wear glasses anymore. I mean, why hide this beautiful face
I caught this sweet moment the other day, Tman was holding Bean's hand in the car to calm him down when he was crying then he fell asleep and didn't let go. Such an awesome big brother
My boys chilling in the playroom
Bean is such an adorable baby. He is just happy go lucky and easygoing. I try to give him as much one on one time as I can. After the big boys go to bed, it's just me and my Bean

Jbird is  still super clingy. He was diagnosed with a speech delay at his 2-year appointment and we are working on helping him with his communication skills. It is so good to hear him say new words and recognize letters. I am so proud of this kid
Tman is his father's child. He loves to do everything with his dad. That is so awesome because I have more free hands to focus on Jbird and Bean. Two peas in a pod these two
I love that hubby always takes the big boys in the man cave to play video games with him. They were totally ignoring me when I was trying to take this picture. My boys are doomed to be addicted to video games.
I hung out with my mom on Columbus day and it was awesome. We took the boys to the pediatrician to get their flu shots. I love that I have this awesome family support that makes trips to the doctor a breeze
After the pediatrician, we met up with my girlfriend C who was in town from Indiana and my girlfriend L who just had a new baby a little over a month ago. It was so awesome to get together and catch up on life. I love these girls like sisters.

The girls and I with some of our kiddos. Jbird didn't want to be part of our picture
The girls and I with our youngest, 6weeks, 6 months and 7.5 months
My mom hanging out with Bean and C's daughter
And because my mom and I were wearing matching dresses in different colors, we had to take a picture. It was so not planned but I love that we were matching :). I am so my mom's daughter
Oh and looks whose edges are growing back in nicely, this girl. It won't be long until I don't even remember this phase of my life. I guess 8 months post partum is where things start looking up. I need to remember that next time

That's all the random updates I have for today. Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. First off, let me say that you look great!!! Your Mom is gorgeous so its obvious that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! The kids are growing so beautifully & I can't believe that baby boy is crawling already, I feel like I was just keeping up with your pregnancy updates yesterday lol! Time really does fly. Im glad your hubby is loving the results from lasik surgery, I can not WAIT to get mine done. I'm so over glasses and contacts lol! Its nice to catch up with you guys! Xo

  2. YAY YAY YAY!!! So excited to see Bean moving on his own. That is awesome. mentioned "I need to remember that for next time." Wink wink ;-). I heard that once your baby starts moving around on their own, it means they are moving out of the way for another. LOL!!! Yeah...that's African me. Don't mind my foolishness :-D.

    Your hair looks great! I'll have to keep that in mind as well. Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  3. Your edges are bouncing back nicely. Time is sure flying can't believe Bean is growing up so quickly. This generation are nothing like us. Glad your hubby isn't dependent on glasses anymore. Have a great weekend

  4. You and your mom look great in your matching dresses and I can't believe that Bean is crawling already. Enjoy the rest of your weekend... :)

  5. Congratulations Bean. Now you have 3 on the :) Time is flying. Your family is so sweet. Although I've only seen them through pictures you all seem so awesome. Your mom is so beautiful and I love that you guys are matching. She seems like so much fun!

  6. Yep, the moving and following you everywhere begins. How sweet that Tman is tendely holding Bean's hand, such a sweet big brother. You and your mum look like sisters, I like your bond with her :)

  7. aww this is adorable!

  8. how is babybean crawling already? has it really been 8 months since you've had him?! seriously it doesn't seem like it's been that long. wow.

    you and your mom, i can't believe you guys have matching belts on too! that is what's blowing my mind lol.

    yeah for your hair growing back, it'll be back to it's old glory in no time! I am nervous about what this pregnancy has in store for my hair once it's over. my hair has been super dry sooo I may need a good chop... trying not to think about it!

  9. That picture is so precious!! How cool for your husband and his LASIK. My mom got it and couldn't be happier but then I know of some others that had complications.