Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hanging out with the band

Last week we had an amazing experience hanging out with hubby's friend and his crew. It all happened during the week, which made me realized that I am too old to be partying all night like that anymore. But overall we had such a great time that I didn't really mind the lack of sleep and didn't mind having to recuperate for days.

Hubby's friend, who was the best man at our wedding, has been a DJ since I met him almost 10 years ago. He got together with a solo artist called Femme and he DJ's for her when she goes on concert. Femme writes and produces her own music, which is awesome and she has this trademark pink hair that is super cool. One of her singles is "Fever Boy" which is an awesome song.

Anyway, Femme was hand picked by Charlie XCX to join her on her North American tour as the opening act. That is a huge deal you guys because Charlie XCX is kind of a big deal, some of her popular songs include: "Fancy" with Iggy Azalea, "Boom Clap" and "I love it" to name a few. She is a huge English super star :).

Check out the all access pass from the concert :)
I digress. Hubby's friend and his crew arrived the day before the concert and stayed with us. That was so awesome because we don't get to hang out with him that often anymore so it's nice to get some one on one time whenever we can.
We took everyone on a tour of DC at night. All they wanted to do was go to Ben's chilly bowl and see the White House. We indulged them of course.

Before we left the house I got a group picture of course :), you know how I roll
At Ben's chili bowl, everyone is too busy eating and totally ignoring the photographer
Femme loves our president, she is a keeper
Photo op of course
 After Ben's chili bowl, we drove to a few monuments so that they could check them out. Everything was so dark for pictures but looked so beautiful in person.
 I can't leave without taking a selfie of course
We drove by the white house and did the tourist thing as you do
The next day we showed up at the 9:30 club with our VIP all access passes, so cool huh?
Me and my favorite Brit ;)
We got to hang out in the dressing room with the band. They had these delicious cupcakes that I devoured
Then it was time to get on stage and perform
 Check us out up there on the balcony
 Check out the crowd

We had the best seats in the house, a balcony right above the stage and it was just for us. Best view in the place I tell you. I was grinning from ear to ear.

After the show they joined us up in the balcony area

From there we all watched and enjoyed the main act: Charlie XCX. She was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show

 What an awesome night it was. It was also hubby's birthday so a birthday kiss was in order :).
The next day everyone was hurting, it took us 3 days to recuperate from the late night weekday partying. The girls were so laid back, they spent the morning hanging out with the boys.
Femme even let Jbird wear her slippers :). How cool is that?
We had such an awesome time hanging out with hubby's friends and his crew. It's not everyday we get to hang out with grown ups and mess up our routine a bit. I will survive and eventually get caught up on the lack of sleep. Kuddos to my mom who put the boys to bed each night so that we could go out and party like grown ups. With this kind of support, it's no surprise we want to populate the earth :).


  1. Look at you hanging out late! You go girl!!! You really make everything look so easy. I know having your folks around helps but you still do it all with a huge smile and that always makes me smile!
    Happy Birthday to your favorite Brit. Hope he had an awesome birthday.

  2. Very cool... Now that's the kind of birthday celebration I'd like to have... :)

  3. That's really awesome! Glad you got a night out partying like a rockstar.. hehe

  4. party animals! I love it! When my hubby and I stay out past nine we can barely recover LOL

  5. ha ha ha i feel so old, I don't recognize any of the artists or songs you mentioned :O looks like a fun night, you need to mix up the routine every once and awhile and you know the boys are in good hands while you're away!