Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall festival and hubby's birthday

We had a busy but fun week you guys. Hubby's friends were visiting from England and we got to hang out with them 2 weekdays in a row staying up until 3 am each day. It was definitely exhausting and tiring so we took Friday off to recuperate. That Friday off allowed us to go to Jbird's daycare for their Fall festival as a family. We don't ever get a chance to all go to school's event so it was pretty awesome that we were all able to go. This plan worked out perfectly for us :).

Jbird just started daycare 2 months ago and he is finally not crying or having bad days. I think he is well adjusted to this new routine. Jbird was so happy to be at his school with us and even more happy that we didn't leave him behind.

After sleeping in on Friday to recuperate from the late nights spent partying, we headed to Jbird's school in the afternoon for the festival. As soon as we got there I got a family picture even though Tman was asleep.
Tman passed out the minute we got in the car and since he transfers so easily, we figured we would let him take his nap while we hung out with Jbird and Bean. That was actually a great plan
Hubby carried Bean the entire time we were there
While I hung out with Jbird while he did the various activities. He got to paint a few pumpkin and made a huge mess. Jbird sure loved getting some one on one time with us
I helped him paint a smiley face on one of the pumpkins, he was so happy about that
After pumpkin painting, we went on a hayride kid style. I was the driver in charge of taking the kids around the playground
After several hayrides, we went for the swings. Jbird loves to hang out on the swings
I love this picture of my boys, hubby looks so good wearing Bean and Jbird just happy to be on the swing.
Can you even believe that Tman slept the whole time we were there? that's my Tman right there, napping everywhere and anywhere. I decided to include him in the family picture anyway. Our family with our triplets (I know I am crazy like that. Someone actually asked me if they were triplets, no crazy they are just wearing the same clothes in different sizes)
The fall festival celebration at Jbird's school was such a great success. I am actually happy that Tman slept the whole time allowing us to give Jbird all the attention and focus on him having fun.

After the festival we went home and hubby and Bean passed out on the couch as they do all the time. Aren't they so adorable? they have the cutest sleepy faces
My family came over to wish my hubby a happy birthday and help him eat his cake :). Hubby's parents were out of town so they weren't there to celebrate with us.
The boys were super excited to help hubby blow on his candles. Check out Tman going all out and Jbird just giggling away. He was so happy that he got a chance to blow on the candles.
Look at the kiddos looking at the cake with complete admiration. They ate the cake and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even my niece who is finally old enough to have cake. Don't worry Bean, you'll be there soon too.
We had a day packed with activities and celebrations but it was so much fun. After an awesome afternoon hanging out at Jbird's school, we had a great time celebrating hubby's birthday. I am so glad everyone got to sleep in between all the hanging out. Happy birthday to my hubby.


  1. Lol, Tman sounds like me when it comes to sleep, I can sleep through anything! I love how eventful your weekends are.
    Happy birthday to your hubby

  2. Too cute!!! I love that Tman can sleep so well even when transferred. Not my JOE. She'd be up and wondering what's up.
    Happy Birthday to your hubby! That cake looks soooooo good!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby! This is such a sweet post, but then all of your posts are wonderful. It's probably no surprise that your blog is one of my favorites. I just love tuning in to see what you guys are up to... :)

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Looks like an awesome time. What a great beautiful family.