Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bean is 3 months

I know I say this every time but man how is it possible that my little Bean is already 3 months. Insane I tell you, insanely good. Time is surely flying by when you are having a lot of fun. Bean is getting bigger and bigger but also more alert and active. He still hates tummy time but we make him do it anyway. He is already so strong.

We are lucky enough to have hubby's parents watch Bean at home full time. I know we are blessed. The plan is to have them watch Bean until he is 1 then send him to daycare. My grandma watched both Tman and Jbird until they were 1. This amazing family support system is the reason why we keep popping these babies :). I digress.

My super happy go lucky Bean. He has an infectious smile and the most kissable cheeks and lips
He also has a serious face, check him out trying not to fall. Gosh my baby is getting so big
Bean is my best eater yet. That says a lot since the other boys were pretty good too. Nursing has been a breeze this time around. I only have to pump 3 times a day and I just nurse him the remainder of the time. No wonder my Bean is a rolly polly. He weighed in at 16 lbs, wowza. He is my biggest baby yet, only a few ounces over Jbird but a few ounces nonetheless. I just love all his rolls, those beautiful brown eyes, and those awesome cheeks
Bean is also my best sleeper at this stage. Tman and Jbird did not sleep more than 4 hours uninterrupted until they were 6 months. Guess who actually slept for 5 hours uninterrupted the past few days, this baby. My peaceful sleeping Bean
Tman and Jbird are so in love with their brother. They always want him to be near them when we do anything like have a picnic for dinner even if Bean is sleeping.
Tman showers this little man with kisses all day. When I put Bean on the chair to do his photoshoot, Tman ran and gave him kisses.
When the baby cries Tman always volunteers to feed him. I did let him for this photo op and let me tell you he was so proud.
Bean doing tummy time with granddad. I just love this pic

I did take a million pictures of my Bean for his 3-month shoot. He made the best faces this kid. He could barely sit in the chair and kept falling and every time I put him back up he made a different face, that's my boy.

 Ahhhh, those cheeks, love love love
Tman, my little helper, was taking pics with me with the small camera. Then it was selfie time, my big boy knows how to take selfies you guys. When did he get so big and grown. I wish you could see more of Tman's face, he was giggling away and so proud of himself.
Happy 3 months to my sweet baby Bean, though he is not a little Bean anymore he will always be my 3rd son. Bean is such a dream baby, eats like a champ, fusses only when he needs something, sleeps peacefully, and smiles all day long. We love you to the moon and back son, thank you for joining our family.
I gotta try to keep up with these updates as I did with Jbird. I am trying hard to fight the 3rd child syndrome here :).


  1. OMG Bean has gotten so big! He's simply adorable! Time really does fly, you are such a great Mama, and you are fighting the 3rd child syndrome very well! Keep up with the updates and cute pics of little Bean!

    & how lucky are you to have his Grandparents with you guys, such a blessing!

  2. He's. So. CUTE! He's a chubby-wubby, too :) I love chubby babies- so cuddly! He looks a lot like J-Bird.

    It's going to be so amazing to see your boys grow and change. Enjoy them!

  3. He is beautiful!! Those cheeks, love them. I'm so happy to hear that your other boys are so welcoming and helpful.

    That is amazing that your in-laws are watching him the first year. Such a special time. Glad to hear everything is going well. I totally understand about time flying by. These past 7 months have been the fastest of my life with Charlotte.

  4. WOW! I can't believe he is 3 months already. I think he looks just like your second son. And his cheeks! I could just smoosh them all day!

  5. Awww...look at that cute and healthy baby. Love all his folds! Happy 3rd month bean! Hope to see you soon!

  6. Gosh I just want to gobble him up! In the nicest way! His cheeks, love, love! Happy 3 months Bean!

  7. Little Bean is just sooooo adorable. I think it's sweet that Tman is looking out for his little brother and helping mom, too... :)

  8. time does fly! He's too the faces!

  9. Happy 3 months to this gorgeous gorgeous chunky cutey pie! He really looks like his brothers but he is like a carbon copy of jbird at this stage!! I love it!

  10. You guys are definitely lucky! Family support means the world! The baby looks absolutely adorable (and I'm in awe how much all your boys look alike as babies). Hope all is well!