Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weekend fun - the father's day edition

We had an awesome father's day weekend around here. We were busy running around but it was awesome because the boys had an awesome time. On Saturday we went to a party, they had a sprinkler and we brought the water gun with us; that was a recipe for a successful Saturday. On Sunday we enjoyed some brunch at home then met up with a friend before going to see my mom and grandma.

Let me tell you about my hubby, all he wanted to do all weekend was watch his soccer games since the World Cup just started. Since it was Father's day weekend, I indulged but let me tell you how annoying it is to have to rearrange all of our schedules around this world cup business. I didn't really fight him this weekend but I won't be going down without a fight. On Saturday, I took the big boys with me to the party while hubby stayed at home with Bean. Divide and conquer is still our best practice.

Me and my Jbird before we left for the party, he is still attached to my hip like a baby (I guess he is still my little baby after all)
 I bribed Tman to get in on the picture. Me and my big boys
Jbird always makes crazy faces, I was going in for a big kiss here and I am so happy hubby captured this sweet moment with my Jbird.
The birthday party was awesome. My friends have this huge backyard, they set up a little sprinkler system and just let the kids run around. All the kids played around the sprinkler and enjoyed every minute of it.
 Tman had a water gun and did not wait to put it to good use
 My boys playing around

After all the water play, we changed the kids into some dry clothes but all they wanted to do was continue to run around outside. Hard not to indulge with such an awesome backyard

The moms hanging out in the backyard. Check out my friend K who is ready to pop, she is probably giving birth to her precious daughter (4th child) as we speak.
 The kids created their own game like this one using shields.
 My Tman is hilarious I tell you
The birthday party was awesome. I am glad that I took the big boys and did not stress hubby to come with us. Father's day was another busy day, I swear I don't know how not to be busy running around. I asked hubby what he wanted and he said just a chill day watching the world cup games. Easy enough if you ask me. I tried to take a photo op of him and the kids and he said all he wanted is not to have to pose for pics, get dressed up and all that. Thank goodness it's not Father's day every day :).

So here we are, no prep, no makeup, no hair done, just us and our little Bean selfie style at my hubby's request. I must say I really love this pic
We had brunch with hubby's parents and the boys. After that I went to meet up with my friend C who was in town with her newest addition.She lives in Indianapolis so we don't get to see her that often so any chances I get I take. It was so nice to catch up and spend some time together.

Me and C with our littlest blessings 3.5 months and 2 months; We have been making babies together since 2010 :)
We attempted to take a picture with all the kids and C's sister who is pregnant with her 1st baby but it was a total fail. I just love that all the kids were so not interested in our photo op I mean Jbird is riding a car on my face.
After hanging out with C, I took the kids to my parents house. I always make an effort to go to my parents house every Sunday so that my mom and grandma can hang out with the kids. We got this awesome pic with everyone (except my grandma). Good time, good times.
Well, that was our Father's day weekend in a nutshell. We had loads of fun and a great time hanging out with everyone. I hope you had a great Father's day celebration.


  1. Looks like a busy one filled with family and friends! You are right, that backyard looks amazing. Such a fun party with sprinklers and water guns!

  2. This weekend, my "baby" graduated from high school. Enjoy every moment with the little ones. It goes by so fast. It just seems like yesterday, my baby was running around playing dress-up in yellow tutus and Disney Princess dresses.

  3. I love your weekends! Hehe, you are too funny saying you're glad it's not fathers day every day! hahaha, so funny!

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  5. Great pics. Yeah, you do seem to stay busy and the wonderful thing is... you always look like you enjoy every minute of

  6. so much fun!! I love all the pics :) You look great!! and the boys are just so adorable.

  7. You guys had so much fun! Great pics! I am just dying over Bean's cheeks... they are sitting on his shoulders!