Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Sleepover

My nephew was visiting from Canada for a few weeks. My cousin recently moved to Ottawa and we miss them so much already. My nephew and Tman are only 6 weeks apart and are the best of friends. We got to spend a few days with him while he was here and the boys totally enjoyed their time together. We only get to see him about twice a year now so we definitely make the most of every visit.

Before I tell you all about that sleepover, let me tell you about my hubby and his soccer. The boy is obsessed. There is always some sort of soccer cup or whatever but every 4 years there is this thing called the world cup. OMG, my hubby is crazy during that time. The world cup just started and I am already over it. We are team Cameroon, team England, and team America. With 3 countries that we are rooting for, I am hoping one of them goes far.

Cameroon was playing on Friday so of course hubby and Tman had to wear their jerseys. It didn't bring us any luck but they clearly had fun with it.

Tman always gets a soccer jersey from English family members when they travel places. This one is a set from the Netherlands. How adorable are  my big boys
Speaking of big boys, I am loving that they are big enough to sit at the kitchen island now. I can feed them breakfast while prepping food for the day or whatever else I do on the island.
 Anyway, I digress, back to the sleepover story. My nephew and Tman showing off their stickers
I love this picture that hubby took even though it's blurry. The boys all joined us in bed in the morning (well Tman spent the night with us). Check out Bean smiling in his sleep
My brother J came over to spend time with the boys and they had a ball. The boys chasing uncle J around the house
Wrestling with uncle J as you do
Then we went outside to play with the water guns, the boys were in heaven.
Jbird was a little confused but uncle J was there to help him
Tman and my nephew had a ball
They were having loads of fun I tell you
Going after Jbird who didn't know what was hitting him
Jbird got in on the action with the help of uncle J

It was pure happiness from the big boys as they ran around squirting each other

After water play, we gave the boys a bath and they continued to wrestle with uncle J
After a late lunch, the boys passed out and took a 2-hour nap
The next day we were just chilling and I couldn't help snapping this picture of all my boys chilling. Hubby on the computer and the kiddos watching cartoons.
Tman is always so protective of Bean, I love it. Check out Bean sitting next to his brother like such a big boy.
The boys had an awesome time with my nephew during their sleepover. I want to do these all the time. They say the best gift you can give your child is the gift of a sibling, I truly think so. We had an awesome time on our sleepover and I look forward to many more sleepovers.


  1. *squealing at the cuteness* Whenever I see your pics, it makes me want a house full of bebes!

  2. It looks like the boys had an awesome weekend. I remember when my kids used to have water guns and they are a lot of fun... :)

  3. Your post just made me miss my brother! He is so good with Jordan and her nieces and nephews. They LOVE having him around! So cute!!!

    Girl, you are such a champ! Look at you with a smile that early in the morning and with all those kids in your bed. I don't know if I'd have a smile :-).

    If/when you figure out how to get T-man into his bed, PLEASE PASS IT ALONG!!! Jordan starts out in her bed and ALWAYS ends up in ours about 4-hours later :-/

  4. That looks like a fun how all the kids in the family are close in age and such good buddies! Love the water gun fight...and is that Bean sitting already!!