Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekend fun - Let the matching begin

Now that I am back at work, we are so busy it's insane. We are slowly getting into a routine but man it feels like we have a million things to do everyday. My father was visiting from Cameroon so that kept us busy the past few weeks on top of everything else that we had going on.

Our weekends are pretty low key and will continue to be that way until we get a good handle of this 3 kids business. The most exciting thing for me was discovering that Carter's actually has clothes in sizes as small as 3 months. Needless to say I am super excited that my kids can start matching sooner this time around.

I present to you my 3 sons in their matching outfit :). I know, I am so that mom
Me and my boys, check out Nathan looking at me with those loving eyes
Hubby with the boys, this is my whole heart right here
Hubby with Bean our littlest dude
I took the boys to the mall with my dad. The coolest thing happened while we were out, this older man came to me and asked me if the boys were all mine. At that point I was thinking, here we go again another person who is going to tell me that he feels sorry for me instead of minding his own business. I smiled and said yes, all mine and he smiled and said "well Congratulations, you sure make it look good to have 3 little kids. God bless you and your family". You guys is that the sweetest comment from a perfect stranger or what. He totally made my day.

Me and my boys out and about at the mall
While my dad was shopping, I took loads of pics of the boys hanging out in the stroller
And a few selfies of me and my Bean :)
After the mall we went to my uncle's house. Bean was pooped from all that hanging out and took a little nap. I love this sweet boy of mine
Then we were back to taking selfies when he was awake
And pictures of our feet, someone was clearly bored
My dad, who was visiting from Cameroon, with his grandsons. He was so proud.
After hanging out at my uncle's house we went to my parents' house before heading home. I was able to get this gem of my mom and grandma with the grandkids
And my new favorite pic of my grandma with Bean
Since I am back at work now, we are busy busy I tell you. Jbird goes to bed earlier than Tman so we always go upstairs together to put him down for the night. Tman loves to read stories with his brother and hang out in the room, if only he wanted to sleep in the room with his brother too.

The boys reading their books before bed
Taking selfies with my boys before bed
Me and my Bean and his crabby pajama like his brothers
Tman wanted to join in on the fun of course
Since we started with a matching picture, we have to end with a matching picture. The boys before bed in their matching pajamas
We survived another week back at work and had an awesome weekend. I really enjoyed the long weekend and was so excited to finally put the boys in matching outfits. I got a few more matching things so there will be lots of matching going on with my boys soon. I am so happy to have 3 little boys that I can put in crazy but fun matching outfits like they were triplets. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. All the boys look so cute and adorable in their matching outfits. It's great how you were able to find the exact same outfit for all of their sizes

  2. What a sweet comment by a total stranger. If I had twins I would be all over the matchy matchy outfit thing. And then you can't leave one out so might as well get the baby in on it too.

  3. such a sweet comment from the gentleman. you make matching outfits so cool. i can't resist bean's soft cheeks. too sweet. tman is real grown up boy now :)

  4. I love the matching outfits! If I had all boys or all girls, I'd be "that mom" too! lol! adorable

  5. Glad that you are handling back to work so how close your family is!! Yahhh to visits with your fun!! And people are so darn nosey but that was a nice compliment. You do make it look easy!!

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