Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekend fun - my brother J was here

My brother J is in pharmacy school a few hours away from home so we only get to see this kid during the holidays. He is so busy but we know he'll be done next year and it will all be worth it. Well, he took some time away from his busy schedule to come visit us this past weekend and actually spent some time hanging out with the boys. It was awesome.

We spent the weekend hanging out with J, watching soccer, and hosting a few friends that came to see Bean. It was a super chilled yet fun weekend.

By the way, one of my favorite pictures from this weekend was this 3 generations picture of my hubby, his dad and the boys. Yep, we are populating the earth one boy at a time :)
The boys were so excited to see uncle J that they spent the first day hugging and playing with him. We hadn't seen him in 2 months so that was awesome for sure.
Tman and J all smiles wrestling everywhere
Bean did get to hang out with uncle J the next day while the boys were too busy on their tablets. Uncle J with my 3 sons at breakfast the next day
Every weekend, my hubby watches soccer, boring I know. When Arsenal, my hubby's favorite team, is playing, hubby and the boys all wear their Arsenal shirts to watch the game. This is pretty much a typical scene at our house on the weekend
Check out Jbird hanging out with hubby while playing on the kindl
 I mean Jbird was really chilled out
Speaking of Jbird, how loving is this boy towards his brother. He is always giving him the sweetest little kisses and I love that he actually holds his head and makes the kiss sound. Adorable for sure
Hubby and Bean chilling on the couch, I totally forgot to put Bean's matching Arsenal shirt. I am a slacker these days I tell you :)
On Sunday we let the boys ride their bikes around the house. Can you believe it was snowing outside. Crazy I know. I am so looking forward to a warmer weather, Spring where are you?

We had a few friends over to see the baby and it turned into a party as we do
And because we were all somewhat decent, I did my usual family pictures. It's a little more tricky now with 3 kids but I love how these turned out. I probably should clean up around us a bit before taking the pic just in case we end up with a gem
I lifted my Tman so that he could be closer to our heads :). Family of 5 pictures are going to be tricky but I am not giving up on my tradition
Guess what came in the mail a few days ago, these super cute personalized Easter baskets I got for the boys and my niece. I wanted something small that they can use for a few years. I so love how they turned out, I mean how cute is the girl basket with the bow. You know I will be doing a photo op of all the kids with their baskets full of goodies on Easter.
I am so happy that my brother J was able to come visit us for a few days. Man, I am going to be so happy when he is done with school and is home with us all the time. The boys really enjoyed hanging out with him. We had an awesome weekend, I am glad we are somewhat back in a routine (barely but getting there slowly)


  1. Those baskets are the cutest. Family of five sounds awesome. I always wanted to carry on my mom tradition of having a family of five but of recent I'll settle for 4.

  2. This is just such a cute post! JOE does LOVE when her uncle visits so I can just imagine how awesome it was for the boys.

    I love the family picture at the end. You have such a beautiful family!

    1. By the way, where did you get the custom Easter baskets?