Monday, January 14, 2013

Hanging out with the in-laws

My in-laws were in town for 3 weeks to celebrate Christmas and new year with us. We are so lucky that they want to spend time with us and the kids and visit often. Hubby's sister and boyfriend also joined in on the fun. It was a super busy but oh so fun 3 weeks. I was so bummed to see them go. Luckily we are headed to London in the Spring. I can't wait.

Jbird hanging out with his grandfather, I just love the face he is making
Jbird hanging out with grandma

 I really love this picture of Tman and his granddad, so sweet
 These two are always reading books
 Hubby's parents hanging out with the kids one morning
How adorable are Tman and his aunt sleeping together? I love these kinds of pictures
J and Tman have so much fun together. Look at that genuinely happy smile from my boy
 Tman with  hubby's sister and her boyfriend, such a great picture
 I just love this picture, they both have the best smile
Kisses all around for everyone after dinner
 A little close up of granddad with Jbird, such a sweet picture
Grandma with both kids. Tman was refusing to look at the camera, at least he smiled
 Tman pouting his lips perfectly to give his daddy a kiss, such a ham my little boy
A picture of all of us before we left the house to go out a few weekends ago
We had such a good time hanging out with hubby's family. We love having them around and look forward to the next visit. While they were here, they kept the kids at home with them the entire time. It was nice that the kids got to hang out with hubby's family the whole time they were there. We got to do grown up things and hang out with family. Good times if you ask me :).


  1. I love family time. So much love in the air. :)

  2. it's great you were able to get so much family time over the holidays. 3 weeks is the perfect amount of time to vacation too! Pics of little ones sleeping are always so sweet :) Clearly your kids can't get enough of their extended family!

  3. I love when family visits. Beautiful pictures.