Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Golfing in the winter

How did I forget to tell you about our golfing adventure when hubby's parents were here 2 weeks ago. Anyway, hubby's dad is an avid golfer so we decided to do something golfing related this visit so that he at least did something he enjoyed.

We found out about this driving range that is more than that. It's outdoors but the tables are heated in the winter. They actually serve food and beverages at your table and it is affordable. We were sold. We took the whole family on a golf adventure and let me tell you it was loads of fun.

Me and hubby's mom at our table. It was so warm I took off my jacket as soon as we got there
Both boys were asleep when we got there, so we just put them in the corner and proceeded to play some golf
Everyone got some great plays in

Check out my hubby golfing in a Tshirt in the middle of winter

Then Jbird woke up so I put him in the baby Bjorn and just hung out with him
I even got to hit some balls with the baby in tow (though it was nice and warm, we were still outside so I had the baby in his bear outfit, very cosy)
During this whole time, Tman slept peacefully in his stroller for over 1.5 hours (I told you my baby can sleep anywhere)
I hung out with my Jbird and watched everyone else play some golf
Then my Tman woke up after his long nap (so blessed that this kid still naps so well)
Tman hung out with his dad until he was awake enough to play

Then Tman played some golf too :)

It was such a fun outing. Hubby's dad was so happy about this that we are coming back next time they are in town. We got to bring the kids along for the ride and spent 3 hours of great fun. Outdoor golf in the winter is my new favorite. If you have a chance, try it, you won't regret it.


  1. Looks like such a fun time! The pic of you golfing with Jbird is just too cute!

  2. Aww, looks like u guys had a jam. I can't belive T-man slept for and hour and a half through this adventure. Tips please for future mommas :)

  3. That looks awesome, great pics! I love how you were hitting balls with the baby in front of you, now Thats what I call multitasking lol!