Monday, October 22, 2012

Travel - Paris, France

I was born in Paris and I must say this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I know I am clearly biased. Hubby and I went to Paris more than 6 times in the past 5 years. I remember our first trip to Paris, we went to visit my family and friends. My hubby had never been to Paris yet we spent 3 days in people's houses, the only thing he really saw was the airport and the train station. Pretty lame I know.

I decided to take him on a special trip to Paris just the two of us. I didn't tell any of my family members I was coming, we stayed at the Marriott on the Champ Elysee (pretty pimp), and I took him to see all that Paris has to offer. We had the best time and did this a few more times. Because we went back so many times, we got to truly enjoy Paris. One trip all we did was go to museums, Musee d'Orsay is my favorite. Another trip was a culinary trip where all we did was try out different restaurants, it was grand.

These pictures are from our first special trip to Paris almost 5 years ago.

We love taking pictures in the mirror
 First stop was the Eiffel Tower and this being the city of love we clearly had to kiss
Hubby used to hate asking people to take pics of us so we used to do lots of self portrait and we were not so good at them :)

 Going up the Eiffel Tower
 View from half way to the top
 Inside the Louvre with Mona lisa
 We had to tour the Louvre of course
 When in France you must have escargot and French onion soup, at least the first time

 Eating at cafes while people watching is standard
 We weren't really proficient at self portrait yet in front of Notre Dame

 Champs Elysee with the Arc de Triumph in the background. I love that we are holding our Starbucks
Being silly at la place d'etoile
I love this face I am making, hubby's game on every trip was to try and get a pic of me not smiling, I guess this was a success for him
 We did Paris by night because the sights are just so beautiful at night
 The Louvre will never be so empty
We went to la roue de paris and turns out they were closing that year, bummer. We did get to ride it one last time

 The Eiffel Tower at night is just so beautiful

The Sacre Coeur at sundown
 We didn't get to see a show but we had to take a picture here :)
This was such a great trip. Hubby was definitely in love with Paris after this, so much so that we came back a few more times. I have enjoyed this trip down memory lane. We are headed to Paris next year with the boys. I can't wait to walk the streets of Paris and show them around. It's going to be great.


  1. You both are just so cute! We went to Paris for our honeymoon last year and seeing it through your eyes and pictures brings back such awesome memories.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Awwww, this so lovely. I think hubby and I will have to take a trip to paris next year too :)

  3. I want to visit Paris badly! These pictures def. convince me!

  4. Beautiful pictures. You were born in Paris, that's so cool.

  5. These are just all the sights. I went to Paris but didn't get a chance to do all the how you and hubby love to travel!!

  6. I love reading about your travels. I never knew you were born in Paris, wow... When did you leave the city and where did you live after that?

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