Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hanging out the last days of October

It's no secret that my little Jbird despises tummy time. I couldn't get him to stay on the floor more than a minute before he started screaming bloody murder. Since I hate to hear my baby cry, I pretty much gave up on tummy time. When I took him to his 2-month appointment, the Dr told me that his neck muscle was not strong enough and I had to make him do some tummy time.

I had to be creative, I started propping him up on pillows or the boppy, put some fun toys in front of him to get him interested. Sure enough less than 2 weeks later my Jbird started looking super comfortable on the tummy, crying less and less every time we did it. He is doing well on the tummy now, I am so happy.

Go Jbird go, look at him holding his head well now and not crying on the tummy
and of course Tman wants to do everything Jbird does even tummy time
Hi Jbird, you are doing tummy time. I just love watching my babies interact
It's tummy time in our house
Did I tell you how much Tman loves his brother. He is always giving him kisses unprompted and he pouts his lips perfectly. It is just awesome to watch
He also loves to feed him and he is doing a pretty good job
Hanging out on his daddy's shoulder, my baby looks so big already
I love this pic of the boys hanging out with hubby, I am one lucky lady
Oh and our first attempt at a family self portrait. Jbird is not impressed
I just love hanging out with my boys. We totally joke that Tman is a mini-me while Jbird is a mini-hubby. Tman's personality is so similar to mine it's crazy, he is loud and boisterous; if he is in a room you'll definitely notice him. Jbird on the other hand seems to be more like hubby, just mellow and chill; you never hear him, you would totally not notice him. YAY Jbird, way to bring balance back in our house.


  1. You totally make me want to have another baby already!!! Loving your family of four! T-bird is so helpful...bless his heart. You're a lucky lady!! :)

  2. Love how creative you got with tummy time! The brotherly love is too sweet!!

  3. That pout takes the cup...SUPER CUTE!