Friday, August 10, 2012

Stay at home mom

Thank you so much for your sweet comments and well wishes on the delivery of our sweet boy. I am still pregnant and patiently waiting for this guy to decide to join us.

I guess while we wait I can tell you all about the fun I have been having with my first boy. I have pretty much been a stay at home mom since my maternity leave started on Monday. I must say that I have been enjoying spending all day with my boy. We haven't done much, but relax, watch the Olympics, go for walks, and enjoy some water play. I pretty much nap two hours a day like my toddler and I love it. I know I won't have it this good soon.

I have taken way too many pictures of my little man during the few days that we have been at home together. These pics are from our few days of water play. I just set up a baby pool on the deck, gave him a few tupperware, and hours of entertainment were had by all. I hope that you are prepared for the overload of cuteness.

 Then the clothes came off and my little mister started enjoying an outside shower

The next day we had another water play. I tell you my little man is a water lover

 Such a happy boy particularly when he is sitting in a pool :)
Well hello there bebe deux, how nice of you to join us
Oh and check out my baby's face at breakfast the other day. He took over my croissant with Nutella and ended up with chocolate all over his face
I am definitely loving my maternity leave right now. I get to hang out with this sweet face everyday. You can't beat it. Definitely takes the edge of waiting for bebe deux.


  1. The pictures are way too cute. I especially love his expression when he's giving himself a shower. What fun! What sweetness!!

  2. He is just
    Too cute...having fun in the sun...I wanna do that sometimes!

  3. These pictures are too cute!!! Omg!! In love!