Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brotherly love

My Tman is so proud to be a big brother I tell you. He is always helping, wants to hug the baby, play with the baby, and even carry the baby. I finally let him carry the baby and he was in heaven.

Tman cheesing for the camera, Jbird looks a little unsure about this
 My mom was trying to take a pic too

 I asked him how happy he was and this is what I got, such a great big brother
 He was giggling away the whole time
 My babies, my boys, my children, thanks be to God

and because we all looked half way decent we took loads more pictures

My Jbird winking ;)
 My Tman attempting to smile
 the four of us and yes my Tman is smiling at the camera
 Tman wanted to give me a kiss, I just love this pic, I am one lucky mama
The next day we let Tman hold the baby again and I just love Tman's and hubby's smile, did we say cheesing. My boys are so freaking adorable

Oh and just for fun, my now outside baby
It's been a truly great 2 weeks so far with my 2 sweet boys. Adjusting to a family of four is surely much easier than I expected it to be. It's definitely more fun and extremely rewarding. I have to pinch myself sometimes, it seems surreal that my Jbird is here with us. My heart is so full.


  1. Reading your posts lately has been so awesome.

    I just love how you all are so happy with the arrival of Jbird. It makes my heart happy.

    And to see T-Bird being a great big brother is so adorable.

    You have a beautiful, beautiful family!

    1. Thanks so much Faith, Jbird truly restored our broken heart and is such a blessing to our family.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Your boys are adorable!!! I need to go back and read your birth post! I missed it!!...Congrats!!

  3. Isn't it so amazing having children.

    1. It truly is. The little things just make everyday worth it with them

  4. Congratulations! And your kids are so cute!!

    1. Thank you. Welcome to my blog Morgan

  5. Thanks Kathy, Josie and Max. We've been blessed beyond our dreams.