Monday, August 27, 2012

At home with my two boys

This is definitely not my first rodeo and it shows. I am a more mellow mom this time around. I am not worried about every little thing. It does help that I have an idea what to expect and I know that babies are resilient and won't just break. I know milk will come in at some point. More importantly, I know everything is a phase I have to get through.

Life with my two boys has been pretty blissful so far. It does help that we have more than 4 people staying with us and helping with both kids. I have been enjoying playing with my kids, taking naps as needed, pumping and feeding, taking lots of pictures, and just soaking everything in.  Not a moment has gone by that I haven't felt an overwhelming gratitude for my two boys, my children, my very own little pieces of heaven. God has blessed us beyond belief. Everyday I feel more and more fulfilled.

I am so in love my sweet second boy that I think every post should start with a picture of him. I love this sleepy phase a lot. I am enjoying every minute of it as I know it won't last forever.
And of course I have to include my first son because he is just as awesome as his little brother
 YAY, the milk is in and I have reclaimed my cow status. That's one less thing to worry about. The milk came in much sooner this time around, my Jbird nurses so well. I still have to pump because I am clearly making a lot plus that will help with my milk supply when I go back to work in 10 weeks.
I am not afraid to let Tman play with Jbird and Tman loves it. I think he is going to be an awesome big brother. I used to be so scared to let anyone near Tman when he was this age. I love being a second time mom.

Let me hold your hand Jbird
 Look at the camera Jbird
 What a sweet face, don't you just want to eat him up
And my Tman wearing his grandma's slippers and being his cute self
Tman being funny next to his brother
Tman my little helper wants to pump too :)
Every time I try to take a pic of Jbird sleeping he runs over to be in the pic and smiles, my Tman is such a riot

How cool is this little dude with his eyes wide open. I can't believe he's only been in our lives for less than 2 weeks. We just can't get enough of him, he is the perfect addition to our family.
Life at home with my two boys is pretty awesome right now. I am just overwhelmed by the amount of cuteness and happiness going on. I am just taking it all in and it tastes pretty darn good.


  1. this is the sweetest post ever! absolutely love reading this. it has been such a pleasure going through this journey with you. looking forward to reading more about your beautiful family. you are one blessed woman!

    your boys are adorable. i do want to eat them up!

    1. Awww, thanks Faith, I have loved sharing this journey with you guys.

  2. Oh I can definitely see why you can't get enough of Jbird. He is just to cute!
    Both of the boys are just the cutest.

  3. Take it all in cause they grow up in no time. He's so adorable, and so is big brother.

  4. Keya - I totally believe you, I just see your boys and how fast they've grown over the years. It's crazy.

  5. oh my goodness...I want your life! You have me wanting another baby now. lol Hubs is going to freak out on me! I love reading how blissfully happy you are! Tman is such an awesome older brother!!

    1. Awww, thanks Kathy. Luckily for you Matt doesn't read my blog, your secret is safe with me :).