Thursday, January 19, 2012

We love to travel

We had a long distance relationship when we first started dating. My hubby lived in England while I lived in the US. So we always met somewhere and traveled for a couple of weeks. Then we moved to Germany and it was on. Every month was another opportunity to discover another country or another town. It was great. I obviously have a million pictures of our adventures :). Here are a few. I will definitely do another post with more pictures.

Munich, Germany

Tijuana, Mexico

Rome, Italy
 London, England
 Prague, Czech Republic
 Just love this pic of us in front of the John Lennon wall in Prague
 White water rafting in Austria

Brussels, Belgium
 Las Vegas, Nevada

Paris, France
 Berlin, Germany
 Istanbul, Turkey
Garmish, Germany
We have enjoyed our traveling so far.  We don't travel as much now with T-man here but we definitely still enjoy our fair share of trips.


  1. Aww quite the international couple! Do you have a favorite place? And, if you do not mind me asking (and I apologize if it has been said before), how did you guys meet?


  2. Well look at you lil jet setters!! You've been all over!!! Cool!! It's so funny. I love going to warm places with John, so all our travel pics are in the caribbean of him sweating his ass off and me sporting a bikini. I see your pics in coats and snow and start to shudder! :)

  3. Yall are so lucky! Hubby and I had planned on traveling as much as possible before we had kids, but baby girl took us by surprise barely a year after we were married, Anyway looks like you two had some amazing trips!

  4. I love traveling! You two have been to more countries than we have though. I loved Italy and my husband and enjoyed our time in Istanbul. Germany is definitely on my list along with France. But we will most likely travel about here in the Caribbean for the next few years.

  5. Oh my gosh you guys have been all over the place! Would love to see your full passport! :) That's really awesome... I love to travel too, but my hubby hasn't had a chance to do as much. I hope to change that soon!

  6. that is so awesome that you guys travel so much! wow, i love this! and i thought hubs and i traveled, haha.