Sunday, January 29, 2012

My baby is 18 months

I can hardly believe that my sweet baby is 18 months old. I swear I was just in the hospital giving birth to him yesterday. Now he is a big boy doing so many fun things. I truly love this phase (I said that about every phase too).

My big boy all smiles at 18 months
 Definitely loves to smiles these days, he is so big now (I love it)
 What? you want another picture or something
 Me loving on my boy, he clearly doesn't care for it
 I love his face on this one, he is such a big boy now
And of course a picture of the hubby with T-man, stop making crazy faces husband.
I have loved every minute (ok not quite every minute but most of it) of the last 18 months and I am looking forward to many more fun (and probably some not so fun) months with my little man.


  1. he is sooo cute. happy 18th month T-man.

  2. he is sooo cute! he seriously makes the best expressions, he might get that from your hubby, hehe. happy 18 months!

  3. He is absolutely adorable...and you all make such a sweet and beautiful family. Happy 18 months to your little one!

  4. Thanks guys.
    Faith - He totally gets his facial expressions from my husband :)