Monday, January 23, 2012

How we met

Funny and long story actually.
The short version is that we met in Spain in 2005.
Now onto the long version :). Back in 2004 my friend Melissa went to study abroad in London for a year. Because I can never resist a trip and I just love hanging out with Melissa, I decided to go visit her during her spring break in 2005. Turns out she was going to Spain with some of her friends that same week so I just joined the group (7 of us) on this trip. We rented a villa two hours south of Barcelona for the week.

It was a great vacation. We drank most of the time, went to Barcelona for the day and did some sightseeing around our little town

Here are the boys walking around town. My hubby is the one with the yellow shirt.
 Later, back at the house, drinking and snacking. Man look how young we look
 Having breakfast in our house
 The girls, my friend Melissa is the one on the right
 We always laugh at this picture of us walking around Barcelona. Hubby is behind me. Little did we know that 4 years later we would be married :)
 I took this picture of the hubby and at the time thought he was so handsome :)
 Melissa and the hubby chilling on a cliff
After Barcelona, we went back to London where I hung out with them for another couple of days before coming home.

While I was in London, hubby and I hit it off and started talking about all sorts of things. We kept in touch when I came home but it wasn't until the next January when he came to the US to visit his best friend (who was now studying abroad in the US) that we really started hanging out.

In 2006, over a year after we met, we took a trip to Ireland, Austria, and Slovakia together. It was on.

Pictures of us in Dublin where things started :)

We always laugh at this picture of us in front of the St Patrick's cathedral in Dublin where hubby is touching my leg and talking about dating and all that jazz.
Us, all smiles that evening while we were out drinking, look at hubby's beard (this was also our first self portrait :))
 Our biggest hurdle was that we lived in separate continents. We decided to give it a try and see what happened knowing that if we did want to make this work, eventually one of us would have to move. We kept in touch via phone and emails. Planned a trip to Thailand for April of 2007. Traveling to different places was the only way we really got to hang out and see each other.

The trip to Thailand was awesome, I'll have to do another post for that, best of all this is when hubby decided to make the big move to the US, best move ever :). He finally moved on 25 June 2007, we were engaged on 1 April 2008 and married on 25 July 2009. I told you it was a long story :).


  1. we share so much in common. love for travelling, husbands from UK, got married on 30 July 2005, different year and day but the same month :).

    Can't wait to

  2. this was so fun to read! love this! now you have to post about the Thailand trip!!!