Thursday, January 26, 2012

Toddler + food = One stressed mama

Ahhhhh, I tell you. My toddler is in the "I don't want to eat anything phase" and I am just so stressed. My Dr is not concerned, he is healthy and growing but it's nerve wrecking when meal time is always a fight. We are down to eating carrots and cheerios every meals because he loves those.

My son used to be such a great eater. We introduced solid food at 6 months and he took a liking to it. By 10 months he was eating 3 solid meals a day. Then around 15 months something happened he decided to become picky. It's been a roller coaster ride.

My 6-month old licking his plate, what happened to that hungry hippo?
Snacking king at 10 months

Nowadays, he is perfectly content drinking milk all day and eating nothing. What happened to my good eater. My Dr recommended just giving him food at certain times and if he didn't eat then not offering anything else. She says that in due time, he'll be hungry and will eat to his heart's content. I am just scared that he won't. I probably should give it a try.

What have you done about your picky eater? Do you follow them around the house with food or just let them eat whenever they ask for it?


  1. yesterday i met with two other mothers with toddles and baby. the little boys wouldn't eat so we had a quick chat about that issue. we concluded that children will eat when they are hungry and will eat what they like. my little niece at that age wanted only certain food but later she learned (on her own time) to eat everything. if your doctor says that little boy is healthy then i wouldn't worry too much.

    good luck :).

  2. when i was younger my mom said i wouldn't eat anything unless i liked it ... she finally caved and decided that i was going to eat what i was suppose to eat. i finally began to eat because, well, i was hungry. hopefully he is the same way :)

    best of luck getting little man to eat!

  3. I am slowly learning not to worry so much. Thanks for the advice and positive stories ladies.

  4. I just keep trying different things. I'm going through the exact same thing. Princess has always been a cheese lover. All of a sudden she wants nothing to do with it this week. All she wants is pasta. Hope she doesn't grow tired of that. That's all I got!