Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hair Journey

So let me tell you about my hair journey thus far. Growing up I only had natural hair, my mom was anti relaxer until I was old enough to take care of my own hair. Got my first relaxer when I was 16 and it was good. My hair was APL (Armpit lenght) and I was feeling pretty good. I was one of those people that believe that black people's hair could never grow past that length unless they were mixed with something (I know how ludicrous that is now). I was pretty content with my hair, relaxed often (6 to 8 weeks), flat ironed often (2 to 3 times a week). My hair was fluctuating between neck/shoulder length and APL.

Anyway, fast forward to having a baby, 3 months post partum and the crazy hair loss that followed, I mean ridiculous. I loss thickness and all the hair in the front (almost an inch away from my forehead). I felt bald. I didn't know what to do. So I became a weave/wig girl. I also got on the internet and started looking for hair growth ideas and tips and found several awesome blogs and sites. Dani from Ok Dani was my favorite natural hair blogger and Sunshyne from Hairlicious inc was my favorite relaxed hair blogger. Seeing their beautiful locks of hair just gave me the motivation I needed to start my own journey. If you are in need of inspiration, check them out, you will be impressed.

I was still bald in the front and too ashamed to show my hair so I kept it in wigs until my relaxer in May 2011. The hair loss was still noticeable but not as bad (I wish I took pictures of my front completely bald). My hair was growing. So in June 2011 I decided to start my journey to healthy, beautiful, long relaxed hair. I also started document things. The next pictures show my sides (that were f***** up beyond belief).

The next 3 pics show what my sides looked like  in June, August and November. As you can see the growth is very noticeable
I just love the next two pictures of my hair from September and October 2011, you can see how filled in the sides are and the hair is thickening up. On one pic the hair is flat ironed and the other pic the hair is air dried. Loving it.
This is me in July 2010, 2 weeks before I gave birth to my son. My hair was neck length
Fast forward to June 2011 as I start my hair journey, my hair is shoulder length and not so even

Fast forward to end of August 2011, I made it to APL and my hair looks healthy. (I have always made it to APL no problem but this time it feels really good :))

Fast forward to November 2011 (5 months into my journey) and the hair is growing. I am only a couple of inches from BSL (Bra Strap Length).

I am so excited about this hair journey. I love that my hair is growing and I am doing right by it. I can't wait to make it to my ultimate goal of healthy relaxed waist length.I am only about 5 inches away, bring it 2012, I am ready for you.


  1. that is so awesome! congrats on healthy, longer hair! it is exciting when we finally listen to what our hair wants and do right by them! i'm excited for 2012 in my hair journey too! :) looking forward to following along.

  2. Your hair journey is amazing. I love your hair, long, healthy and natural. Congrats :).

  3. Your hair is beautiful. I'm currently growing my hair out too. I wear it natural though. I'm at bra strap length and I want it down to my waist. I had that same problem you had with shedding post baby. It grew back but is still not the length of the rest of my hair so sometimes I have to gel it back. You are doing a great job keeping your hair healthy.

  4. I as well have not had a relaxer in almost a year, however I'm a flat iron junkie, eekkk! My question to you, what products do you currently use on a normal basis?

  5. Thanks you guys

    Keya and Faith - I am so excited to follow you along your hair journey too.

    Tracedacious - I will do a regimen post soon.

  6. your hair looks great! i am so afraid of the hair loss when i get pregnant hahaha! i still have some years before that happen so i'll make the best out of it lol...

    new reader here. loving your blog. :)