Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas party time

My mother in law is in town for Xmas, YAY. We now have free built in babysitter...score. Hubby and I decided that we can now attend some Xmas parties without any guilt. So on Saturday we got dressed up, I even did my hair, and went to a superb Xmas party. We had loads of fun and some drinks. It was great, we felt like grown ups again.

Before we left for the party, I made my mother in law take some pictures of us. I always have to take any opportunity for a good picture particularly if we are all dressed up :).

 Me and my baby who is smiling away

 I love this family shot, why wasn't T-man smiling like this for our Xmas cards

And because we almost never have any pictures of just the two of us anymore, I had to add this pic :)


  1. Very cute family :)


  2. aww, such sweet pictures! because he knew that you needed the pictures, haha :)

    you have such a beautiful family!


  3. He is so adorable... glad he was smiling for this photo shoot. You have a beautiful family :)

    Oh, and I love your flowy shirt!