Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas was awesome

Christmas was truly awesome this year. Ok, Christmas is my favorite time of the year so I always think it's great but being able to spend it with family is just the best. My mother in law is in town from England. She has spent every Christmas with us since T-man was born (ok only just 2 Christmas but how awesome is that).

We woke up, got ready (I could have skipped this step and gone straight for the presents), had breakfast and finally started opening presents. It was a lot of fun, T-man really enjoyed himself. After that we put him down for a nap and went straight to getting dinner ready. The rest of the family came over around 4pm and we were eating dinner by 5pm. It was great fun for sure. We then opened more presents. T-man lucked out, he got the most presents for sure. Now onto the pictures

Lots of presents under the Christmas tree, the beauty of having a big family :)

Starting to open presents, T-man seems shy but we know it won't be for long

I got a lot of awesome gifts but this was definitely the cherry on the cake. My hubby thought about it all on his own and surprised me with this beautiful blanket covered with 8 of our favorite family pictures. I am sure I'll share all those pictures with you guys at some point. This was really great and knowing how much I love pictures it was surely fitting. 

Aren't my boys so handsome in their matching outfit ;)

Big boy, if only that vacuum actually worked I would be getting my carpet cleaned while he has fun

I just love how happy T-man looks in this pic

Four generations with my mom, grandma, T-man and me

I just love how happy they all look in this picture

Our annual family Christmas picture, gotta love self timer and tripod

Christmas was great around here, I hope you also had a great time celebrating with your family this holiday season.


  1. wow, so awesome! you all looked like you had a great time ... i LOVE how happy you were too :)

    glad to hear that your Christmas merry.

    p.s. T-Man is so adorable!

  2. T-Man had a blast! Love the pics, and I especially love the blanket you got from your hubby. It's gifts like that I really appreciate. It looks like it took a lot of thought. Kudos to your hubby!

  3. Merry Holidays!!!

    You sure all look amazing. Love the matching tops.

  4. oh my goodness..i love the blanket..awesomeness!

  5. I love the blanket. Very thoughtful and sentimental and your Christmas decor is nice too!

  6. I love the blanket covered in your family pics... please share them sometime! :)