Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 4th weekend celebrations

Happy 4th of July everyone, hope you had a great time celebrating with your families and friends. I was hoping that we would have a baby by now but alas baby girl is taking her grand old time. It was a fairly chill weekend for us, since we were on baby watch, we didn't make any set plans. All we wanted to do was chill and relax and not have any agenda.

The weekend started with a non stress test for baby girl on Friday. The doctor wanted to make sure that the baby was doing well and had enough fluids. She passed with flying color.
I got to chill and relax and listen to my baby's heart beating away. Such a sweet and comforting sound.
On Sunday we hit 39 weeks and though I was hoping we wouldn't make it that far, I wasn't holding my breath
39 weeks with baby #4, everyone told me that this being my 4th child she would just fall out, well she hasn't :) :) :).
My friend D came to visit with her kiddos. I've known D since I was 12 years old when we lived in Cameroon and we've been fortunate to continue to grow our friendship over multiple continents and for more than 20 years

Tman hanging out with D's kids
My boys and D's daughter, she was such a poser and I loved it
The kids singing, they had a ball I tell you

My brother, wife and niece came to visit

All of our kids hanging out in the family room
On Monday, hubby's parents stopped by to visit and I caught this awesome moment between Jbird and his grandma. He was telling her something and was really into it :)
We got a few family shots of course. Check out that huge belly holding our baby #4, no wonder I feel all those aches and pains everywhere

D and I managed to get a pic with all the kids. We've really multiplied over the years :). Also check out my pink toe nails, I painted them in anticipation of baby girl's arrival. Bring on the pink, I am so ready for it all :).
We had a low key 4th of July celebration but we enjoyed a nice visit from my friend D and her kids. At this stage of the game, less is definitely more and not having to plan or host a party was such a relief. We are only 3 days away from our due date and it is so surreal to me that she can be here anytime. I can't wait to hold my sweet girl and frankly neither can the boys. Hope you had a great time celebrating the 4th of July.


  1. I love all the smiles.

    Come on baby girl. Don't make us wait too long!

  2. I was so hoping baby girl would be here. So excited for your announcement. Looks like a great way to celebrate the 4th. Family and friends. It doesn't get better!