Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our trip to Cancun, Mexico 2015 - part 2

The next day we decided to take the boys to the beach. It was such a beautiful beach but the view of the resort from the beach was even more beautiful. I mean check this out
We of course had to pose right there, love my crew
My hubby looked super cool with his sunglasses with Bean on his arm :)
Our family of 5 all geared up for the beach, this is my whole heart right here
Bean and Jbird discovered the beach for the first time, I don't think that they loved it that much, they just didn't know what to do with themselves
 My mom and Tman hanging out
I tried a series of fun family pictures and this was one of my favorite of everyone touching the water :). My hubby is such a good sport, he is not a fan of all these posed pictures but he still cooperates. I guess happy wife happy life is a true statement :)
My mom and Jbird were attached to the hip
And I just love this sweet picture of hubby and Jbird
After the beach we had breakfast and then it was time for the pool. We spent the whole day hanging out in the pool and Tman loved it. He was a jumping fool and was totally indulging my crazy underwater picture taking
 This kid loved the water so much
 Ahhhh, loving my big boy and his boldness
 We took several breaks to get a few drinks with the rest of the crew in between our jumping
 Me and my big boy, he made me so proud
At some point we enlisted Jbird in our canon ball craziness
 He really got into it and started screaming "canon ball" before jumping :)
 Tman's favorite part was taking breaks to get something to drink at the bar
 Strawberry daiquiry and a glass of wine, don't mind if we do
We got tired of jumping so we moved to ping pong in the small pool. we took turns playing against Tman who was the champion of the hour

 Even grandma gave it a try
Grandma and Jbird are the coolest I know
We enjoyed a late lunch outside with the rest of the crew
After showering, it was time for our afternoon stroll, check out hubby savoring the drink of the day
 The boys passed out soon after, we wore them out
Once they were asleep, hubby and I got ready for our spa time while my mom watched the boys. Happy parents right here
 The fish spa was a strange experience. It tickled like crazy when we put our feet in there for about a minute then we got used to it and it was fine
 It was an interesting 20 minutes

After the fish spa we got to spend an hour relaxing in the private spa area. It was so nice and dreamy and peaceful. Check out this awesome spa area
By the time we came back, it was dinner then off to bed for some much needed rest. The next day we did a photoshoot on the beach as you do. You know how much I love my photoshoots. We got some pretty decent shots. I love this one of us kissing the boys. Tman's face, that kid I tell you
 And I absolutely love this one of my mom with the boys, my new favorite of them
After the photoshoot we were back in the pool for some more underwater fun and crazy jumping

We decided to encourage Jbird to get underwater with us
Surprisingly he really got into it
Then back to jumping we went. I wish this picture wasn't so blurry. My boys were in jumping heaven
 Tman the jumping fool
 And Jbird the other jumping fool
 Come on boys, you can do it :)
Oh yeah, Jbird was a crazy jumper at this point
We had a nice lunch and  we all took a much needed nap. My friend A volunteered to watch all the kids so that we could check out the French restaurant on the resort. It was such a fabulous dinner and so French
 Check out my mom's meal,
We definitely made the most of our last night here in Cancun. The next day we had breakfast and Tman begged us to get some more pool time before we left. We indulged of course. Tman was Mr super confident in the water doing twist jumps and running amok :)
The boys resting on a floater in between jumps
We took a few underwater shots, check out my confident Tman smiling underwater like a boss with his eyes wide open :). He was so comfortable in the water at this point
And of course we got the best picture of the trip
After all the swimming, we had lunch, got cleaned up and packed our bags. It was time to go back to reality. I of course had to take a picture of our crew before we left.
Enjoying our last drink at the airport before we boarded the plane, lava flow is my favorite
It was an awesome end to a superb trip. I love traveling with my kids and I am so happy that they are such good travelers. We didn't do any sightseeing since we had all these kids with us, but when hubby and I go back in July, we'll make sure to go check out Chichen Itza. We love the beach, warm weather and we definitely love Cancun. We will definitely be back. Our first family vacation was a great success, I highly recommend all inclusive family friendly resorts. I hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane as much as I do.


  1. That was a fun recap. And we will definitely do one of these all inclusive resort holidays in the near future. You totally sold it! All the pictures are just fantastic! Lots of great shots.

  2. What a fun trip. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it. We just booked our family trip for the year. It'll be Aruba this year and we're also doing all inclusive. Can't wait.

  3. What a fun trip. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it. We just booked our family trip for the year. It'll be Aruba this year and we're also doing all inclusive. Can't wait.

  4. Seriously, reading this was fun so I can't even imagine how much fun you all had! Great pictures! Love how happy your boys are in the water! Beautiful pictures!!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Fun, fun and more fun. The boys are always matching, how cute.

  6. Your boys just get more and more adorable. Great pics, too. It was almost like I was right there with you. I really enjoyed seeing how much fun your family had, too. Cancun is definitely on my bucket list... :)

  7. This post reminds me about my family trip moments at the Cancun beach that we had six months ago. Like you, my little family I, my husband and my two daughters were having so much fun at the Cancun beach on our Mexico trip. Also, we can't forget that wonderful moment we had done with our kids in Private vehicle ride between Cancun airports to Cancun beach. Thanks for reminding me about my Mexico trip.