Sunday, May 17, 2015

Our trip to Cancun, Mexico 2015 - part 1

After sifting through more than a thousand pictures, I can finally tell you all about our trip to Cancun. Hubby and I are really big into traveling, we spent the first few years of our relationship traveling the world. We decided that we won't let having kids stop us from continue to enjoy traveling. It's a different kind of travel and we can't travel as often but we'll try to show the world to our kids.

Cancun was our big family trip this year. We convinced my mom to come with us and that was the best idea ever. We will totally convinced hubby's parents and my brothers to come with us on the next trip because it was totally worth  having the tribe with us.While the kids are young, we'll focus on relaxing vacations, once they get older, I want it to be more adventurous.

We stayed at the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort and we loved everything about it. Our criteria were: family friendly, all inclusive, close to the airport, lots of kids amenity and sun :). The Dreams resort delivered above and beyond what we expected. Everyone was so attentive and nice, no one gave us the side eye with kids running around, there were 4 kid friendly pools and we could go everywhere with our stroller. I swear, I have nothing negative to say about this place, it was just so dreamy and perfect (I am totally not getting paid to say this either we just really enjoyed our time at Dreams).

We took a direct flight to Cancun and booked a Shuttle that picked us up at the airport and drove us straight to the hotel.

We were greeted at the reception with champagne and this awesome drink called sunset. You guys, dreamy :). We booked 2 rooms, each with two double beds. The rooms were huge and so well put together.

Check out Bean smiling away as he checks out our new digs
The weather was excellent, 82 degrees and sunny the whole time. It was a bit cloudy the last day but it was still nice and warm

Check out hubby and Tman enjoying the sun
My friend A and her daughter M joined us on this trip, they were such great travel partners. We loved having them.
The first night we had hibachi grill. The kids did so well sitting at the dinner table for about 30 minutes then they were done.
After dinner we took a stroll around the resort, it was just so nice to walk around this resort

We slept like babies that night. I woke up early with my Tman around 7:30. Since the other two boys were still asleep, we went for a walk around the resort

I got a mimosa to start my day right :)
Feet pictures just because our feet look good ;)
They were still getting the pool area ready
Tman testing the chair, so he said, this kid I tell you
By the time we were done with our drinks and tour, it was time to go wake everyone up for breakfast. We just went to breakfast in our pajamas

You know I matched my boys the entire trip, I am pretty crazy like that. Check out Tman and his crazy self
We sat outside and enjoyed a really nice breakfast
My mom and Bean eating breakfast
I took Bean and Jbird for a walk because they were getting bored

Bean loved walking all over the place
While Jbird was the run away toddler
My little handsome 2-year old
Then we packed them up and went for a quick walk before getting ready for the pool. Before we knew it, we were ready to get in the water, Tman was so giddy with excitement

My mom and I with the boys

We were being playful and tried a jump picture :). It was a total failure but we cracked up so much about it
Tman couldn't wait to get in the water
I of course had to get a few pictures in the water before things got crazy. Check out this beautiful sight we had for a week
My mom and I reveled in the fact that we could drink poolside and ordered some pina coladas :)
I totally had to show off my bikini body holding my Bean ;). I am not where I used to be but I feel pretty good about the progress I've made.
My mom looks amazing too
Tman and Jbird loved hanging out together in the water
Tman especially loved jumping in the big pool and didn't want to stop
My mom got to relax a bit during this vacation too ;)
After spending hours in the pool and eating lunch, we would take the boys for a walk to get them to nap. Chilling by the bar in the lobby with one kid down
Before we knew it all 3 kids were down :)
We all took a great nap and got load of rest that first day. Once everyone was awake, we took an early evening stroll
Then headed to dinner
The next day was another awesome day. Woke up had breakfast then headed to the pool.
Before lunch, my mom, Jbird, Bean and I took a stroll to the bar so that we could enjoy some strawberry daiquiries.

Then we met the met with the rest of the crew for a late lunch by the beach
Tman was so happy to get his own strawberry daiquiry
Our afternoon hang out at the bar

This was our view during our late hang out
Once everyone was asleep, we took them back to the room and left them with hubby
My mom and I went and got chocolate wrapped during that time. It was so awesome to get some adult fun time too
After nap time, we took our usual pre dinner walk around the resort, this place was so beautiful it never got old

My mom and Jbird are so cute together
That night we enjoyed a nice Mexican dinner and pizza for the boys :)
There was a band singing Mexican tunes and when they got to our table, they passed around this huge sombrero and we went crazy with it, my family I tell you

It was another awesome night of vacation. I decided to break down this recap into two parts because I have way too many pictures to put in one post. The next days is when we really got into diving and spent countless hours in the pool.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Looking forward to reading your next recap.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Looking forward to reading your next recap.

  3. Looks like such a jam and the resort looks amazing! Loving the recap :)

  4. Looks like such a great time! Beautiful pictures and loving your recap!

  5. Wow! That Cancun trip looks amazing. Your pictures were fabulous and I loved the beautiful views you showed. By the way, you were rocking that bikini, girl... :)

  6. The blue water the tropical drinks!! Aaaah...looks amazing. I loved Cancun when we went. Nothing but fun, sun, and eating!! Glad you had a fabulous time. I have heard of that resort.

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