Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day of fun with my big boy

I didn't get a chance to write about the day I spent doing fun stuff with my big boy before we went on vacation. I took advantage of our "take your child to work" day to spend a whole day of fun alone with my big boy. We dropped Jbird and Bean at daycare in the morning before going our merry way. I took my Tman to work with me where we enjoyed a nice breakfast. After breakfast I gave him a tour of the building. In the afternoon, I went to get my hair and nails done and brought my big boy along for the ride. It was such a fun day.

Dropping the babies at school in the morning
Tman took this pic of me and the babies, my awesome photographer in the making
After we dropped off the babies we went to my office and I showed him around. He loved hanging out with me and doing things like mommy. It was so awesome being able to give him all the attention. We had such a great time.
He is so sweet this boy of mine
My little mini-me, I love this kid so much
While I was under the dryer, my poor baby was so bored
Look at him in his chair
He decided to join me so that we could take funny face selfies
Sticking our tongues out

After the hairdresser, we went to the nail salon :)

He was so done at this point
I had such an awesome time hanging out with my big boy all day. He was bored at times but overall he enjoyed spending alone time with mommy. I am thinking of making this a regular thing and doing this with each of my boys, we shall see. Do you guys do mother and child hang out days with your children?


  1. Awww that's adorable...he did well at the hair dressers! What a big boy Tman!

  2. I think this is a very wonderful way to bond with the kids. I'm looking into spending one-on-one with each child.

    1. Miss reading your blog too. I'm coming to USA in July hope you're in town :)

    2. TOI, I am so excited, you sister told me you were coming, you know we have to hang out.

      I will be starting a mommy and me date with each of my boys so that they each get my undivided attention once a week. We'll see how that goes

  3. Whats an awesome way to spend time together. He's adorable and so caring.

  4. What a wonderful day with Tman. I think having one on one time with each child is really important and the kids really love the attention. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. He did really well because I know that the hair and nail salon are totally not his thing! Looks like he enjoyed spending alone time with mommy though :)