Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Christmas tree is up

We put our Christmas tree up this past weekend and I am one happy mama. Now we can totally kick off the holiday season in style. Tman was so into the whole thing and just wanted to help every step of the way. Jbird just wanted to throw things everywhere but somehow was super happy with the final result. Bean just watched us in action. The whole process took a few days but we couldn't expect any less with 3 little kiddos running around. I am currently sitting here with 3 kids sleeping like babies enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate and our tree. This is the life :).

The final result was so nice you wouldn't believe the craziness that went on behind the scenes. This is what our tree looked like when we finished on Sunday night
 And the next day it was even prettier with my Beanie baby
We started putting the tree up on Saturday with the help of hubby's parents. The garland above the fireplace didn't last long. The boys pulled that down the next day and we decided to forego that because it could prove to be dangerous.
The tree has a clear and multi-color set up. I love it clear and the kids love it with lots of colors, win win.
The boys hanging around after hubby's parents left. We called it the night at this point and decided to pick it up where we left off the next day.
Hubby tried to put our star tree topper but it wasn't working for this tree so we decided to get something else. Don't you love that Jbird and Bean are playing together in this picture
The next morning we were back at it again. My niece came over as she does every Sunday and we all worked together to get all the ornaments on the tree. Jbird and my niece were just making the biggest mess while Tman was actually helping me put the ornaments on the tree
 Posing with my crew, the best there is :).
 Ahhhh, the mess they made, thank goodness for a helping Tman.
 Tman really wanted to help put the bow on top of the tree
He was so proud of himself once it was all done
Putting the finishing touches on the tree. I love that someone captured this picture of me putting the finishing touches on the tree
 My mom was so excited and of course posed with the tree
The final result once everything was cleaned up and all the kids were in bed. We are super happy with the final result.
Because it was such a production, I didn't get a family picture with the tree. I am not worried though, I have so many opportunities to make it happen this whole holiday season and you know I will :).

I also got my act together and ordered our Christmas cards early again this year:). They are here and I love them. I can't wait to send them out.
Are you guys putting a Christmas tree up this year? Are you sending Christmas cards? I can't wait to see them all.


  1. The tree looks stunning and I love how your cards turned out. Christmas is so different here.Super hot this time of the year. We put up a tree last year, but it was such a mission for just the two of us, so we wont be doing that this year. Perhaps when we have kids one day.

  2. How beautiful! I love that everyone got involved in getting your house ready for Christmas. We put ours up last Sunday. I need to do a blog post about it. I started but then got distracted. Will try to finish and post today.

    I love the holidays! It is by far the best time of the year!

  3. I love that you have such a close knit family. That is truly something to treasure.

    Your tree is so pretty and I love those Christmas cards. Have a great weekend... :)

  4. Looks like you got your Christmas act together! Love all the bows on the tree.

  5. So much fun! Love how T-Man helped! He is getting so big and now understands which is so neat to see. Your tree looks gorgeous and you are no joke with getting your Christmas cards already! You go girl, it's beautiful!

  6. I just pulled some things from the garage. I wont be doing anything major this year. I lost my mom last year in Oct, so the holidays are a bit too much for me still. I will be putting up a tree next weekend when we have my (step) children over for the weekend. That much I will do.....Your Christmas tree looks beau-ti-ful as well as you and your family. I don't comment often but visit your blog all the time...LOL!!

  7. I love that it was a full family effort. The tree is beautiful. Now i see your Christmas cards i need to get cracking and get some done for the holidays. The wedding is taking up all of my time lol. The card is gorgeous and so heartfelt.

  8. A family affair for sure...the bow is a nice touch!! Love the Christmas card too..very nice!!