Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas festivities 2014

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. We had an awesome celebration with our family. Christmas festivities are my favorite. This is always the holiday I looked forward to the most.This year was awesome since it was Bean's first Christmas. Tman enjoyed himself a lot and Jbird was not very impressed but overall everyone had a great time.

Christmas cards are one of my favorite things to get each year. I actually display them all year long to enjoy them as long as I can :). I put them on the door that leads to the garage so that I see those lovely pics everyday. We've hosted Christmas every year for the past 4 years and each year we take a family picture. My sister always gets me this awesome picture frame with the year and I display them as part of my Christmas decorations.

Our house on Christmas eve
 And a close up of the tree
We usually start celebrating in the morning and are later joined by my siblings in the afternoon for a family celebration. My mom usually spends the night with us since we have the kids. Hubby's parents didn't spend the night but they came in the morning to open presents with us.

Happy 1st Christmas to my Bean who has taken a few steps already by the way
 With my mom and the kids
  Our family pic, these are my favorite pajamas to date
 Me and my personal santa :)
 With hubby's parents. I love the chaos of Christmas morning
After the pictures, we opened a few gifts, the boys were so happy 
Helping grandad put stuff together
The boys all got bikes and let me tell you they were a hit, here they are uncovering their bikes :)
Testing the bikes out
Bean loving his trike
Hubby helping Tman with his bike
We even took them outside for a test drive since it was not too cold
We came back inside and got ready for the afternoon. One of Tman's favorite gifts was a magic wand. He has been into magic stuff for a while and he recntly started watching the Harry Potter series with hubby. Well. I found this magic wand at home depot that could turn the Christmas tree on and off and it was a total hit
Well magic wand turn this tree on :). Tman was really into it for about an hour then he broke the wand.
Opening presents is a tiring job. Tman and grandad passed out on the couch
Cooking with hubby's mom
My mom and brother with my niece
Opening presents with Bean
Everyone was busy opening gifts

My brother was excited about his gifts
My sisters posing by the tree
My family loves pictures
And of course a picture of all of us that celebrated together. Can't wait to put this in my 2014 frame :)
Hubby's sister surprised us all when she showed up later that evening. She didn't tell us that she was coming. Tman was so excited to see his auntie K.
And I of course made them take a family pic because that's how I roll
And call me crazy but I had to clean up before going to bed. My mom passed out with Bean in a clean space, now I can go to bed peacefully :)
Our Christmas celebration was awesome this year. 5th annual hosting and looking forward to many more. I hope you had a great time celebrating with your family too.


  1. Your Christmas tree looks awesome!!

  2. You guys take amazing pictures. Every pic was so detailed and entertaining. I'[ll borrow your idea to add a year to the picture frame for family pictures. Happy Holidays!

  3. Awww....the outfits are too cute!! And it definitely looked like a happy Christmas for all!!

  4. Love this post, completely can feel all the Christmas cheer! Beautiful pictures.

  5. Oh wow... now that's exactly how the holiday's should be celebrated. I loved all of the wonderful pictures you shared with you and your family. It surely looks like everyone had a great time... :)

  6. I am in LOVE with the PJs!!