Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend fun - water water everywhere

We were really busy two weekends ago (yeah, I am little behind over here). We went to a picnic with water slides and attended a pool party for a 1 year old. My boys were in their element and enjoyed every minute of it. Being outside coupled with being surrounded by water is all that's needed for their happiness. Two days of water play back to back made my boys very happy. It made for a very tired mama but I am glad the kids had an awesome time.

The picnic was awesome, it's a yearly event and I love taking the boys to particularly now that they are big enough to enjoy all the attractions. I brought my mom along for the ride of course and she spent the day holding Bean with a big smile :). My mom is awesome.

My cousin came with us too and we chased Tman and Jbird all over the place
We started with the water slides, my big boy Tman was having a ball going down by himself
Smiling from ear to ear
My cousin took Jbird down the slide, he was too scared to go alone
My happy Jbird in the water
After doing the water slide a million times (ok not quite that much but it felt like forever) the boys were finally done. We took a break, changed into some dry clothes and had some snacks. After resting for a bit we were ready for some more fun. The boys headed for the bouncy house, one of their favorite thing to do.

My boys jumping around like horses
I am loving my Jbird's smile in this picture
and my happy Tman jumping for joy
These boys of mine, they always have so much fun together
Jbird was so tired after all the sliding and jumping that he passed out as soon as I held him. He joined Bean for a little nap. My kids will sleep anywhere I tell you. We've been blessed in that department
While his brothers took a quick nap, Tman had all my attention. He decided to go bold and try to jump by himself on the big trampoline. My little daredevil, he really is a big boy now

Loving the big trampoline
He did a few big jumps then he was done. I am so proud of my Tman
We also hung out with the clown for a bit before heading home. Tman requested michelangelo of course and I must say that clown really delivered.
When we got home we were all pooped. Tman passed out with Jbird. My cousin and I propped our feet up and watched some cartoons while relaxing. It was a Summer day well spent.
The next day we were back at it again. This time it was for a first birthday pool party. It was held at a local pool. I really liked this pool because they had a kiddie pool separated from the big pool and that makes a huge difference with little kids. We can hang out with them in the kiddie pool without getting completely immerse and they can be free to roam with minimal supervision.

As soon as we got there the big kids went straight for the pool. I left Bean with my aunt while hubby and I chased the boys in the water.
Hanging out with my boys in the kiddie pool
The boys just loved the freedom they got in the kiddie pool. Check out the smile on my Jbird's face and my big boy Tman owning the place
Hubby watching over the boys
Our attempt at a family picture (minus Bean)
My friend A was there too with her kiddos. I got to hang out with her in the big pool for a bit. She is having a joint birthday party for her kids in a few weeks, YAY for another fun Summer party.
We had a ball at the pool party. It was another beautiful Summer day well spent. I love Summer birthdays and all the hanging out that we get from them.

This was such a busy yet fun weekend. We are lucky to have family nearby to help us with the kids which makes it so easy to take them places. My mom is awesome, she always begged me to have loads of kids, I am so happy that she is so hands on and involved.

Last weekend was pretty relaxing, it was a much welcomed break after this busy weekend. Rest assure we are back to being busy next weekend. We are taking the kids to Sesame place and I cannot wait. I know Tman and Jbird are going to love it since they are in love with Elmo and so many of the Sesame Street characters. I even splurged and booked a lunch with characters, eeeek. I am so excited and can hardly wait. Hope you had a great weekend too.

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  1. I love that you plan so many fun activities for your boys. I know they are really excited about Sesame Place, too. My daughters went when they were younger, so I know your boys are going to love it there... :)