Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer fun and Jbird goes to daycare

We have been having a blast this Summer I tell you. There is something so beautiful and awesome about a nice weather that just makes Summer the best time of the year. Because it's so nice outside, all weekends are busy and it is light fairly late, we've been planning play dates mid-week. This past week we met with my friend A and her kids. Between us we popped 5 kids in the last 4 years. Long gone are those college nights spent drinking and partying. These fun times are keeping us busy but I swear, I am exhausted.

Our youngest boys, only 5 months apart
 We met at a local park and let the kids run around at will. They had a ball

 We successfully captured a pic of all 5 kids, great success :)
Jbird started daycare last week. For the first time in his life, he is being cared for by people that are not family in a setting that is not familiar to him. My poor child has been having a hard time adjusting to his new reality.
The first day he had no idea what was hitting him and was super excited. Tman was also excited to show him the ropes. Look at them having a good time together when we first got there.

As soon as we left, Jbird cried like a baby and wouldn't stop all day. He also hung out by the door all day hoping we would come back :(. Poor baby. This happened every single day when we dropped him off :(. I was so bummed, I know he has to go through this before it gets better but I hate seeing my baby so unhappy.

Something beautiful happened on Friday, he opened up a bit and seemed to enjoy himself. I know it's because they had water play and we know how much my boys love water. This awesome note from his teacher on his daily sheet made my day :).
It hurts to see him cry every morning but I know my Jbird will adjust nicely to this new routine. If only this adjustment could come quickly

Now that Jbird is in daycare, I have both kids at the beginning and end of my day. If I can help it, I don't make any pit stops along the way. This past Friday I had to make a stop at Bed Bath and Beyond with both kids after work. Oh boy, it made for an interesting stop. The boys actually behaved really well.
Selfie time in the parking lot with my big boys
On Saturday I took my aunt shopping with the boys. There were 3 adults against 3 kids so that made complete sense. We timed it right and Tman was asleep for a solid 2 hours :)
At the entrance of the mall, check out my Tman passed out over there
A little over an hour into our shopping trip, Jbird fell asleep and we now had 2 kids down.
So peaceful these two particularly when they are asleep :)
While the big boys were asleep, I hung out with Bean taking selfie's as you do
 Such a happy boy my little beanie man
Once the big boys woke up Bean fell asleep. They were taking turns
I enjoyed a nice shake with my Jbird while Tman was chowing down on some pretzels
It was a successful shopping trip during which all 3 kids got to take a nap while the adults got their shopping on. YAY, I love my little tribe
The rest of the weekend was awesome, we celebrated Tman and Jbird's birthday party with a joint celebration at pump it up. The boys had so much fun. I can't wait to share it with you all once I am done sifting through the hundreds of pictures I took. Happy Monday!!!


  1. Beautiful account of your day. Gosh...I just don't know how you do it all with a smile on your face! You really truly inspire me!

  2. Reading about Jbird at day care sure did bring back some memories. I had the same problem with my youngest daughter, but trust me... it didn't take long for her to get used to it. Oh and I love Bed Bath and Beyond, too. They have the nicest things... :)