Friday, August 1, 2014

Bean is 5 months

Another month just came and went and before I knew it we were here, 5 months of my beautiful beanie baby.

Bean is just the happiest baby you'll ever meet. He laughs hysterically if I even look at him, or sing his name, or his brothers get anywhere near him, or hubby makes fart noises with his belly. Basically he is just a happy baby with the most infectious smile :)

This month has been full of milestones for my little man. Last week, we took a solo trip to London to deal with some family things. Hubby stayed at home with the big boys while Bean and I traveled to London with my mom. Bean did so well on the trip. I was a bit nervous about the flight but my little man was just perfect. Considering that we had just returned from our trip to Colorado 10 days prior, I was really impressed that he wasn't phased by all the craziness.

Me and my Bean on the London tube.
Bean is now sitting up all by himself and loves it. He also does abs (as we call it) and attempts to get up if he is laying down. When you prop him up he holds on for dear life so that he doesn't fall. Such a big boy my little Bean.

Bean now has 2 teeth. They sprouted out of nowhere without any warning. He had been drooling more than usual but since he was so small I assumed that it couldn't be teething. Low and behold, a week shy of his 5th month, 2 teeth popped through the gums. Wowza. That's a whole 2 and a half months earlier than his big brothers. I guess my baby is ready for some steak and potatoes now :).

Bean has the best cheeks, I pinch them daily :)
Bean is so loved by his brothers, they kiss him daily for no apparent reason. We call it the competition to give beanie man the most kisses. Jbird is so cute, he actually makes the "muah" sound when he kisses him.

This picture is over exposed but check out Tman's lips going in for a kiss during the photoshoot
I took my baby's 5 months pics while we were enjoying dinner outside. Check out his brothers being silly in the background.
Doesn't Bean look like he is ready to join his brothers or at least longing to do so. Don't worry beanie man soon enough you will be strong enough to join this crowd.
 I tried to get a picture of the 3 boys and this is what I got
I did manage to get a pic with my 3 sons when we were done, hello self timer. Some days I still pinch myself because I can't believe that these 3 boys are mine. I am totally living the motherhood dream and enjoying every minute along the way
It's been a great month for Bean with lots of fun new things added to his repertoire. My baby is growing big and strong and doing so well with his milestones along the way. Happy 5th month with us beanie man, it is so much fun to watch you grown


  1. Bean is 5 months old? I can't believe he's sitting up and has two teeth already? He really is getting to be a big boy. You truly do have a beautiful family... :)

  2. Aww, so sweet! Your boys are awesome: it makes me get the "baby itch" LOL! I keep trying to wait until my daughter is potty trained before we think about the next one, but every time I see a baby I forget all about my plan :D

  3. Awww..congrats on the solo trip...glad Bean did well. and i can't believe he is already sitting up...babies grow up too fast..he is just the cutest..all your boys are.

  4. Wow time is flying but Bean is growing so nicely. You're making it look so easy for us future mom's to be.

  5. Those cheeks!! Such a precious little bean!