Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Houston with Amy and Abby

We are back from our trip to Houston where we had an awesome time with our friends and family. Traveling with the boys at this stage of pregnancy proved to be a bit of a challenge. They are awesome travelers but man, this mama was exhausted from all the traveling. I am so glad this is my last trip until my baby boy arrives in 2 months (let that simmer for a minute, wow).

My mom came with me on the trip as we were visiting one of her long time friend. We also took this opportunity to visit hubby's cousin and meet with Amy and Abby.

When Amy told me that she was going to be in Houston the same time as I was, I knew that a meeting had to be in order. I mean I have been following her blog since she started blogging about being engaged in 09. I feel like we've know each other for years. It definitely felt that way when we met. It was so nice and comfortable and fun.

Amy set up the play date at a local indoor play area, best move ever. She also invited other mommy friends with their toddlers, smart or what. My mom was smitten with Amy and her little Abby. She approved of the relationship and my future wedding plans for our kids :). She is funny like that my mommy.

When we got there, the kids needed some time to warm up. We took that opportunity to sneak in some pictures before they all got carried away

My mom and my boys with Abby
My mom, Amy and I with our little munchkins, I love this pic
We also got a pic with Amy's friends who brought their munchkins along for the ride
Then it was play time. In between chit chatting, we watched our kids play

Abby and Jbird was so fond of each other. My Jbird chasing Abby :)
Abby thought Jbird was a baby and she didn't want to let go of him, they were so cute together

Tman got a bit jealous and wanted to get in on the action, but most of the time he only cared about the slides. My Jbird is such a chilled baby, he just went with the flow
Abby started cying when we took Jbrid away from her (how sweet is this girl, yes you can have my son :))
The boys had a ball on this play date and so did the mamas
I am so glad that our trip to Houston coincided and I was able to meet Amy and Abby for the first time. There are definitely plenty of meetings in our future. Thanks for hanging out with us. It is so fun to meet bloggy friends in real life and they turn out better than you imagine they would :).


  1. This is so awesome! I'm glad you had a great time and that you finally met each other! I can't wait to meet some of my favorite blog friends too! Slightly jealous :)

  2. How cute is this post!!! So happy you both were able to meet in real life and you had a great time! I am hoping I get to meet Amy someday soon. It'll be so nice!
    The kids getting along with each other is just icing on the cake!

  3. That's awesome you got to have a link up. You guys look like you had loads of fun.

  4. Awesome pictures girlie! Like I have been saying you are an amazing person and I am sooooooo glad we got to meet each other in person. It tickles me how Abby and Jbird really hit it off. It's like they were destined for each other ;) Merry Christmas to you and all 4 of your boys!

  5. abby is too cute! That's awesome that you got to meet up with your long time blogging friend, I always wonder if I were to meet my favourite bloggers what they would be like in person. Awesome everyone had a blast, even your match-making mom!