Friday, December 27, 2013

Dear Sandie

Dear Sandie,

I feel the need to apologize for the misunderstanding that happened on Christmas eve. I really wasn't trying to ignore you, I really just got caught by surprise and clearly didn't know how to handle the situation.

The thing is apart from my husband, no one in my family actually knows that I blog. I am not hiding it, I am just not advertising it :). I also chose to blog somewhat anonymously, I don't advertise where I live or our name (just a personal preference nothing wrong with those who do). Maybe it's time I get out of the blog closet and tell everyone so it's not so awkward.

Anyway, I totally didn't expect that someone would recognize me from my blog, crazy huh? I wished it went differently and I gave you a hug or something :). Can we have a do-over?



  1. Awwww, i totally get that. I hope Sandie understands.x

  2. I am the SAME way! My sister knows I blog, but she doesn't know the address of it. My sis in law skims, but aside from them no other family. A few friends that I made through blogging ready but that's about it. I hope she understands too and I LOVE your blog!! Hope your holidays were wonderful! xoxo!

  3. Hey Peg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG so sorry!!! wasn't trying to put you out there!!! now I feel bad :-( I thought man i must be going crazy when you was like no that's not you from the blog world!!!!! I was soooooooooooooo EXCITED to see you alittle shock but just wanted to say hi!! Please don't let me take you away from blogging anonymously! I know everyone needs an outlet however they chose to do it!!! Blogging is already so brave of you and I really enjoy reading your blog :-) sure let's chat !!! sorry didn't see your e-mail addy to e-mail you in private!
    P.S can't believe you took the time out to include a response to me on your blog!!! I like you even more now!!! haha (Smile)
    Really shows how much of a sweet person you are!!! Feel free to e-mail me!

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  4. Awww...I love how this turned out! I'm in the blogger closet too mostly. I think I'd freak out if I was outed too!

  5. I thought none of my family knew about my blog until one of my mom's friends asked me why none of her pics from Abby's first birthday party were on the blog. lol. Now I have to be super careful what I say because apparently everyone I know in Houston reads the blog occasionally!

  6. You are so sweet to do this! I'm glad she understood :)

    A few of my friends and my sisters know I blog. My mom knows but she has not asked for the link. In the beginning I didn't want anyone to know but Sean has a big mouth.

  7. Apart from my husband and sister nobody knows my Life of TOI blog and I want to keep it that way because it gives me certain freedom.

    I'm so happy Sandie understands.

    Happy New Year

  8. How sweet to post a letter to Sandie! When you blog sort-of anonymously, it's weird when you meet people that have read your blog. It definitely catches you off-guard!

    I have two blogs, but only a few people that I know personally know about the MissGlamtastic blog. It is also semi-anonymous, but I do have a few pictures of myself there. I like having a space where I can express myself without people I know in real life questioning or critiquing what I choose to write about. The other blog is about my motherhood journey, so I don't keep that one away from my family and friends :)

  9. Aw this is sweet. I feel the same way as you do!

  10. Awww...this is sweet.

    Sandie, Peg is really cool IRL so I can attest for that!

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