Friday, December 20, 2013

Houston fun times

We had so much fun on our trip to Houston. It was all playdate and fun times with family and friend. The weather was pretty good too, cold for Houston but nice for us. The family was so happy to see us, the kids had a blast.

30 weeks with baby #3 getting ready to get on a plane
The flight to Houston was awesome. The boys slept more than 2 hours so it was smooth sailing most of the time. I have some awesome little travelers on my hands and I love it.

My sleeping beauty Tman resting peacefully
My boys were matching most of the trip down to their pajamas :). I know I am so that mom, there's something so sweet about matching siblings. I always wanted to do that and I am lucky enough to have same sex sibling to match. You best believe I will have 3 matching boys next year :).

Chilling with the boys in the morning
 My mom hanging out with the boys
We went to a Cameroonian party one of the days and the food was so yummy. Oh how I miss some good Cameroonian food
 Later at the house we took some pics by the Christmas tree
 I laughed so hard when I realized that I was even coordinated with the boys :)
 My mom and the boys hanging out
One of the days, we visited hubby's cousins and while we were there, we went to a local playground to wear the kids out as you do. Trust me it works, they slept like babies that night.

I was so shocked by this sign that I had to take a pic. Beware of alligators, are you kidding me, this is a pond in a neighborhood that is lived in. I guess this is how they roll in Texas, huh?
The boys had so much fun hanging out with hubby's cousin and her kids. They loved entertaining the kids at the playground

I love these girls, they are the sweetest. I wish we lived closer, I guess Texas will have to do. Check out their dad trying to photobomb us, hahahahahaha, your plan did not succeed.
We got a family pic before we left. I am so looking forward to the next visit with 3 kids
One of the days was spent just hanging out. My poor mommy caught a cold and she was feeling a bit under the weather. She is better now but for 2 days or so she was just not feeling like herself. We stayed close to home and just hung out.

Check out my Tman chilling on the couch. Hello handsome little boy
 I took the kids outside for some fun pics since it was such a beautiful day
 Me and my happy Jbird, this boy is about to become a big brother
 Me and my boys, I had to convince Tman to join in on our picture taking fun
We got the best picture of the trip when we decided to do crazy things like jump for joy. Even my little Tman was into it, Jbird not so much he kept running away

I present to you, the crazy kids, jumping for joy. Check out Tman with his feet off the ground, lol.
We had a great trip to Houston and though I was exhausted after the trip, my heart was so full. Now I am ready to get into full Christmas mode. How is Christmas only a few days away. Hope you all had a great week.


  1. So when I got a glimpse of the couch I remembered Tman's comment about the lack of a trampoline and burst out laughing. Your boy is funny. I also laughed at the wildlife sign. That's so Texas! I remember the day I got my license I was driving to my friends house and had to stop for an armadillo crossing the road. Those things are slow as heck! It's a jungle out there!

  2. Looks like such a good time! I love that your boys can sleep anywhere, lucky mama! :)

    Love the pictures. I love the first one of all the kids outside and the way J-Bird and T-Man are looking at each other.

  3. You already know that i WANT those "i love my bro" shirts!! I can't believe how big Jbird is getting! wowza they are so identical. I love it :) You all look great!!

  4. Love the jumping pic!! What a fun trip. Hey you have twin boys might as well take advantage of it! They are adorable in their matching jammies.

  5. ha ha 3 boys in matching outfits, I can't wait to see that, it'll be too cute! Dress them while you can, I'm sure the time will come all too soon when they won't want to dress alike. I'm enjoying dressing Tavi while I can!

    your trip looks like a blast and your husband's cousins look like they are having the time of their life with the boys at the park. Glad an alligator didn't disturb your afternoon ;)

  6. what!!! just come on, who's that pregnant woman jumping beautifully? you just rock!