Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weekend Fun - Celebrating an engagement

Our friends got engaged this past Saturday and we got to celebrate that special time in their life. They've been together for 5 years so when a month ago Nikky told us that she was planning to surprise Franky with a proposal, we were ecstatic. I don't know about you but I love it when our friends get married and all that. Since this was an adult event, my mom came over to watch the boy for us.

Before we left, we took some pics of course. Getting a family picture proved almost impossible. It's so hard to get both boys to cooperate these days
I love this picture because you can see our rascalls trying to get in it. After the failed attempt at a family picture, we put them in the play pen to take a pic of just us and somehow they found their way in it. that's real life right there :).
And of course I had to take a picture with my mom (our favorite babysitter). She watched the kids while we went out
The party was awesome. It was a complete surprise for Franky. Nikky went all out with the decorations and the food. When Franky came home from being gone all day, she was definitely surprised. Ahhhhh, I love beautiful love stories like that. Doesn't that just make you feel so good inside?
Me and the newly engaged Franky showing off our bling :)
Celebrating with my friend S
They showed the coolest video at the party highlighting their years together and Nikky asking Franky to marry her. It was the sweetest thing. Such a beautiful happy couple
The newly engaged couple. I love America, a place where you can love who you want and celebrate that love. Love these two girls.
 Us with the happy couple, I am so excited for their upcoming wedding.
We had an awesome weekend. It was nice to go out without the kids and do grown up things :). On Sunday we went back to the hospital to see my niece again, we can't get enough of that sweet little girl. She is getting cuter by the minute. I am taking so many pictures of her that the blog is about to explode with baby girl's picture. Good thing my brother and SIL told me they didn't mind me sharing her with the world.


  1. Aww congrats to the happy couple!!

    Pegster, you are GLOWING. Pregnancy is doing you so very good!

  2. How sweet. They look so happy. Congratulations to your friends!

  3. How sweet. They look so happy. Congratulations to your friends!

  4. How sweet. They look so happy. Congratulations to your friends!

  5. congrats to your friends, they looks so happy :) I'm like you I LOOOOOOVVEE when my friends get married. I just went to a good friend's wedding last weekend and it was really fun. despite my nerves over readying a poem during the ceremony.


    ps. your boys crack me up!

    1. sorry about my lack of spelling and punctuation. yikes!

  6. your sweet boys look like twins now. too cute :)

  7. Congrats to your friends, I love the pic of your boys tryin to get in the shot LOL. You're lookin' good, how are you feeling?

  8. aww...the happiness is sweet!

  9. They look so happy! Congrats to them!

    You look amazing girl! I keep saying it but you glow! Pregnancy suits you so well!