Friday, October 25, 2013

Carving our pumpkins

After picking our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, it was time to carve them. We thought that Tman would be all about it and would want to clean it but somehow he was not impressed. He kept saying "ewwww", "nasty" and we were like "of course child what did you think". Jbird on the other hand was super fascinated and just wanted to put the seeds in his mouth. I had a ball taking pics of the boys helping (or bugging) their dad while he cleaned and carved the pumpkins

The boys were wondering what was happening here
 We had to get all the seeds because Jbird kept going for them

 How appropriate that my hubby was wearing Halloween underwear :)
 Hubby working hard at drawing on the pumpkin
 While hubby was busy carving, the boys moved on to the trampoline giving me the best faces ever
 These boys of mine, they have so much fun together
Then when the pumpkins were all done I did a photo op with the boys
 Jbird really wanted to hold that pumpkin too
The final product in the dark, hubby did good
Tman was so amazed when he saw the result and kept wanting to turn off the lights to see the pumpkins in the dark. Pumpkin carving was a great success. Next up Halloween celebration and trick or treat this weekend, how fun.


  1. Those are great carvings. It looks like fun

  2. He did such a great job! They look do good! Sean and I intend to do ours this week! Can't wait :) it will be my first time carving, lol.

    Love the pictures of you with your boys :)

  3. The pumpkins came out great! I think we will be doing ours this weekend too!

  4. I love the windows in your kitchen & you guys did a great job carving!!

  5. Pretty darn good pumpkins!! Good job to your hubby! Did yall use the pumpkin innards to make anything? If so please tell me. Last year we just threw away the pumpkin mush, but maybe this year I'd like to attempt to make something with it!

  6. haha how cute! I've only carved one pumpkin in my life...and I agree with's gross and nasty lol