Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stay at home mom for a few days

I was off for the past few days and got to stay at home with the boys for that time. I must say that I enjoyed that time at home with my boys. It is not an easy job, I give mad props to all the stay at home moms out here. Our days seemed so long, filled with lots of activities to keep the boys occupied. One of the days I didn't actually make dinner and my hubby had the nerve to ask me what I did all I tell you.

We got to hang out with my niece, visit some friends, go to the playground, and hubby and I even went out on a happy hour date night with some coworker. It was an awesome week. The weekend was definitely for rest and recuperation.

We got to hang out with our sweet little niece who is growing like a weed

 Who can resist a little girl with a bow, she is so wide awake these days
We had loads of playground and play date fun times

 Tman enjoyed pushing his brother
 These boys crack me up, always doing the same things
 Ice cream fun with aunt C
 Bike ride fun with our friend E
We also enjoyed some ice cream on hubby's actual birthday
The boys played with one of their hats before bedtime and had a ball. I swear, don't waste your money on toys, kids will entertain themselves with almost nothing

 Yeah, these two have loads of fun together and they are so fun to watch.
We went to happy hour without the kids, it was awesome
Oh and we also got a minivan, we are embracing this being a big family business. At least it's red and sexy and can seat up to 8. Plenty of room to add a 4th baby :)
My week as a stay at home mom was pretty good. I am actually worn out even though I was chilling and relaxing. Hope you all had a great week and weekend.


  1. What an awesome weekend! Your niece is such a cutie! Time with the family is always a positive thing 😃

  2. Awww your niece is so adorable!!! The boys are getting so big. I love how you have them matching all the time. So cute!

    How is hubby recovering from the lasik surgery? Is his vision fine? I'd love to get it someday, but I'm scared! Maybe I'll wait to get married and have kids before I do. lol

    1. Hubby is so happy about the Lasik and is regretting not doing it sooner. He never took a day off from work. For a week he had to put drops in his eyes and that's been about it. He is so happy with it and loving not having to wear glasses.

      He could barely see without his glasses and he is now 20/20. Don't be scared, go for it, you won't regret it. Just make sure that of course you go to a reputable place. It's your eyes after all :)

      Good luck with that.

      I love putting my boys in matching outfit, I just can't help it.

  3. Look at that sweet baby girl, growing so fast :) I loved your recounting of being a stay at home mom. Kids keep you quite busy. Recently my friend came over and asked (in a nice way) what I do all day lol. It's different from working a 9-5 but its just as busy!

    1. Kids do keep you busy and you barely get your me time while I work 9-5 and do find time to do stuff, it's weird.

  4. You niece is an absolute angel! I love me a cute baby with a big old headband!!! Just like we do in Texas, the bigger the bow, the better! I also love cute brothers in matching outfits. It melts my mommy heart! And last but not least, I 'm loving your new swagger wagon!

  5. love that you are embracing the idea of a big the red and yes it is sexy!! looks like it was a great time spent home with the kids and the sweet!

  6. Staycations are awesome! Glad you enjoyed your time to just BE!

  7. I love how they love each other! So sweet!

    Glad you enjoyed your time as a SAHM :)

    I laughed out loud when you said your husband wanted dinner and asked what you did all day. So funny!

  8. Staying at home is no joke! I actually am droolig over those ice cream cones now, thanks :)