Friday, March 1, 2013

#Projectmilf - week 4

Week 4 is upon us. How awesome that we all survived 3 weeks already. This week is about sharing 4 favorite things that we enjoy that are also helping us with this challenge.

1. My new favorite thing are these 2 new bathing suits I just purchased. I just got them a few days ago and my motivation is through the roof. I want to wear them with pride on the beach this Summer. I didn't like the bottom of the black and white one so I didn't keep it.
2. I am loving my jamaican black castor oil, I have been applying it to my edges religiously everyday for the past 2 months and I think it's working :).

3. I am loving my go-to hairstyles that are allowing me to hide my edges that are not quite fully grown in. I haven't had the need to wear a wig this time around and that's awesome.
4. I am loving my new palette of eye shadow and experimenting with a variety of colors. I have been into matching my eye shadow with a color I am wearing.Thanks for your comments about my makeup.

As far as my goals go, I am still holding steady in the weight/toning department. My hair deserves an update thought because I think there has been some improvement since January.

The excessive shedding finally stopped sometime in December. The left is a detangling session from January compared to one of my worst one in December. The right is a detangling session in February compared to that same December session.We definitely have less shedding now.

The hair is starting to grow back and I am so happy about that. Check out my two month update on my edges. The pictures were taken on January 1st, January 29th, and February 27th. I am seeing progress and loving it. I think by my next relaxer in 2 months my edges will be looking nice and full.

The left side, which is my less dramatic side
The right side, where I suffered the most noticeable loss
I still have some time to go before I am back to myself but right now it's baby hair galore
The goals are coming along, slowly but surely. Hope you are making some great progress too.


  1. Pegster! Thanks for being so brave and putting it all out there -- I thought I was exempt from major hair loss and within these last two weeks I have lost so much of my edges, I just dont get it! Your hair is growing back in nicely -- I'm going to try some of the JBCO. Do you dilute it some? it so thick I feel like my hair may look super oily.

    1. Josie - You are so welcome. I was so shocked when it happened the first time. I want to document things this time around so that it could maybe help someone out there and just for my sanity next time around.

      I don't dilute the JBCO at all. I put it at night and tie the scarf, by the morning it looks less oily

  2. Love all your favs and it's great you have that bathing suit as a physical reminder...I also love the dedication to your hair and the progress you are making is fantastic!!! Here's to an awesome week 3!!

    1. YAY for a great 3 weeks. I love hair Mrs. pancakes so I have to be dedicated. I love it when I see results :).

  3. Awesome favourites, you definitely won't need the go to hairstyle for long since your hair growing back so nicely.
    Love the eye shadow!

  4. Love your favorites! Super-cute bathing-suits! :)

    Your hair is doing great!!! Keep us updated!! :)