Sunday, March 3, 2013

Travel - Garmisch, Germany

We had an amazing time in Garmisch Partenkirchen, a beautiful mountain resort town in Bavaria, Germany. We  only lived a few hours away so we got to check this place out in the Summer and the Winter. Beautiful does not even begin to describe this place. 4 years ago we took hubby's sister and her then boyfriend here when they came to visit us. We had the best time.

We stayed at a beautiful resort surrounded by beautiful mountains. The view was breathtaking.
The first night we just chilled at the resort, hung out in the hot tub and enjoyed a nice dinner with lots of drinks. Fruity, girly drinks were always my favorite

The next day we tried our hand at snowboarding
 We didn't like it one bit, check me out falling on my butt over here
 We decided to just go back to skiing. I suck at it but my hubby looks way cool doing it

Hubby and his sister's then boyfriend went all the way up the mountain (because they are actually great skiers) and they took these beautiful pics on the way down. Beautiful I know

 The four of us at the end of a long day of skiing
That night we went to a nice dinner as you do when you are on vacation. We had a grand old time

We had so much fun and of course way too many delicious cocktails. That resulted in serious silliness later that evening

The next day we hit the slopes again but we didn't last as long this time, we were so tired after a few hours
We spent the evening playing pool and chilling at the resort bar

We had the best time in Garmish with hubby's sister and her then boyfriend. This town is seriously worth checking out. Bavaria is just such a beautiful area. It's no wonder every story about Germany is located somewhere in Bavaria. If you are in the Munich area any time of the year, check out this awesome resort town, you will not be dissapointed.


  1. Will definitely head out to Bavaria next time we there. Its so wierd though how its so different from where my hubs comes from (Kiel), one would think they are different countries.
    You guys have had some really cool travelling experiences. Really enjoy reading about them. :). And I probably suck at skiing and snow boarding too ;).

    1. I know right, Germany is definitely really diverse. Go to Bavaria, you will definitely love it.
      I am definitely having a ball recapping our travel adventures.

  2. Oh my goodness! This looks like a wonderful time!! Your photos look awesome! I must put Bavaria on my travel list!

    1. You totally should, you will not regret it

  3. this looks like you all had the best time! loved the pics!

    1. We had so much fun, traveling is so awesome. Have fun in Italy