Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend fun - Pump it up

We always try to make the best of the weekend. After all the hustle and bustle of the week, this is our time to spend with the kids and do fun things. This is why the weekend is always fun in our book. we usually make plans on Saturdays and chill on Sundays to recharge our batteries. This weekend we went to a birthday party for a 4 year old at a place with bouncing inflatables and it was so much fun.

Before delving into the weekend, I want to share some fun pictures we took during the week when my mom came to visit. She usually comes on Sundays to spend the day but she got out early and wanted to spend some time with the kids. I know, she is amazing. I love her.
I love this pic of me and my Jbird
 My Tman excited about his 3D glasses
I love this pic, Jbird and I are looking at Tman being silly. We totally have the same pose :)
My mom and Jbird, we were passing my mom's hat around all night
Smiley and happy Jbird
On Saturday we went to a birthday party at this cool place called pump it up. It has gigantic inflatables and it's just an all day jumpfest. Tman loves to jump so I knew he would enjoy this party. The party was a super hero theme so we put Tman in a Superman outfit.

As soon as we got there, I got a family picture :)
Then we were off to jumping, well Tman and hubby were

There was also a slide, hubby helped Tman up and they came down with huge grins
I hung out with Jbird most of the time
I did want to try the slide because it looked like so much fun so down we went
The birthday party was a hit, Tman had so much fun
 The birthday cake was delicious. Tman, my little Superman, enjoyed it for sure
Chilling with my Jbird before we left the party
The party was a great success. I am coming back to pump it up. Great indoor fun for a kid that loves to jump, heck for any kid. Perfect outing during the cold months.

The rest of the weekend was just spent chilling and relaxing at home. We did nothing productive and it felt great. Well, hubby actually put together Tman's alphabet foam mat for Jbird to use. Jbird has been moving around more, rolling everywhere and I feel better that it's on a soft padded foam. Plus if he is sitting up and falls at least it's padded and soft.

Jbird watching hubby put the mat together. He did it when Tman was napping because we didn't want him to make a mess of the whole thing before it was even put together
 Jbird testing out the mat, we think he likes it

Then Tman woke up and both kids got to test out the mat together. We think they love it
How sweet is Tman kissing his brother's feet. He is an awesome big brother I tell you

And the main reason we brought the mat out, check out Jbird's move. He is not crawling or anything but he is definitely loving the floor right now. Not bad for a kid that hated tummy time 
Another great weekend. was had by all We look forward to next weekend  already packed with activities. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. Looks like fun! The picture of T-man kisses J-birds feet was super sweet and I love his little PJ set!

  2. You always have such fun weekend! The pump it up place looks like a jam, I can imagine Tman's exitement. How cute is that picture with Tman kissing his brother's toes. I can hardly believe how fast JBird is growing.

  3. Cute pictures! I love how Pump It Up wears them out!!
    I kind of like it, too :)

  4. This looks like so much fun! Look at Jbird's cheeks! So cute!!!

  5. Your family is so awesome!!!! Once I had the chance to go down a slide like that...I did it so many times that I got bruises all over from being hit by people's limbs!! Jbirds red and white outfit makes him look like a candy cane ha ha :) so cute!
    I hope you have as much fun this upcoming weekend!
    Much Love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

  6. Great photos!! Tman looked liked he had such a fun time! What toddler doesn't love a bouncy play land?! I love the hat pics too! So precious.

  7. You guys definitely have awesome weekends...and I love the play mat...and how fun that at pump it up parents get in on the fun too!!

  8. Pump it Up is an awesome place. Abby loves it and I am glad your boys liked it too!

  9. Pump it up is the place to be I tell you. I am definitely going back there particularly whenever I need to wear them out :)