Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weekend fun - the Presidents' day edition

To say that we were busy this past weekend is an understatement. It was a good kind of busy so I guess that's ok. Tman had been asking to go to Chuck e Cheese for a few weeks so we figured this weekend would be perfect for that. We also started Jbird on solid food and that was interesting. We also had a play date with other kids and it was awesome. Gotta love a packed weekend.

Chuck e Cheese was a hit as always. Tman was in heaven. Now I see why kids love this place. Tman just wanted to play with everything, I was just running after him all over the place.

My hubby hung out with Jbird while I was following Tman around. He was bored out of his mind. His bored face says it all :)
 We ate dinner then went back to playing
Hubby decided that he wanted to follow Tman around this time. He was definitely less bored :)
It was such a great day. Tman went to bed early and slept for more than 11 hours. The day was a great success in my book :). While getting ready for bed that night, my Tman did his best cheese face. Colgate commercial anyone? Love my silly boy
After Chuck e Cheese we came home and introduced Jbird to his first taste of solid food. Tman's first meal was avocado so in keeping with the tradition we started Jbird with some avocado too. The funny thing is that I love avocado and during both pregnancies I was really fond of avocado and ate it all the time.

Here is my Jbird ready for some food. Where is my food people?
Also in keeping with the tradition, hubby gave Jbird his first spoonful as he did  with Tman 2 years ago. Gotta love traditions.
Jbird was not really feeling it, he kept making this unhappy face followed by gagging
I decided to give it a try hoping that my mommy's touch would do the trick
Nope, my Jbird was just not a fan of avocado for sure. He just started crying and gagging
Three spoonful later, first feeding was over. Tman really wanted to sit next to Jbird so we let him
First taste of solid food was not a success but this is just the beginning. Bring on all the fun food that the world has to offer. Jbird, you don't even know what's in store for you.

The weekend was still not over, this is why I heart 3-day weekends. We had a play date with two great friends from college. Between us we have 7 small children between the ages of 4 years and 6 months. We have clearly been busy the past few years. Here are all the kids minus Jbird who was sleeping when we took this picture.
The kids enjoying snacks and drinks at the big table, they were actually pretty excited though you couldn't tell from this picture :)
The trampoline was a huge hit. The kids loved it. We tried to get them in there one at a time but that was not going to happen, kids I tell you. At least they were getting along
Tman and S were having so much together. They are only 5 months apart and they love to play together. They kept filling the box with balls then throwing them in the air followed by jumps, screams and  giggles. This was apparently a lot of fun. Proof that you don't need much to entertain kids.

What a fun weekend I tell you. I absolutely love 3-day weekends, I wish all my weekends were this long. One day maybe, I can work one less day a week and make it happen, one day. Hope you guys had a great weekend too.


  1. I love 3 day weekends so much too! Looks like such an eventful and fun weekend! T-man certainly had a blast and I must admit that I laughed when I saw the bored expressions on hubby's face! Too funny!

    1. Hehehe, my hubby makes me laugh with his funny faces I tell you. It's like the minute the camera is on he has to do crazy things. Me on the other hand I just smile :)

  2. your pictures make me want to be a kid again. we had Family day here on monday but we didn't do anything fancy

    1. TOI - you always look like you are having so much fun. I want to be a kid again sometimes I tell you. Maybe we should do it together

  3. I love chuck e cheese! I can see had a blast. It is so much fun there and the pizza is pretty good!
    Jbird is too funny. I love avocados too and thought for sure he'd enjoy it. Oh well...there's always sweet potatoes and bananas and peas. Yum!
    Do you make your own baby food?

    1. I probably will the first month or so when he is just trying single items because it's easy to do. I do plan on buying some Gerber food and adding that to the mix.

  4. Your weekend looks like so much fun! And Im so jealous that you can take jbird out to a loud busy place w/o him having a breakdown ahahah. When you said Tman slept 11 hrs I read jbird and I almost pissed my pants LOL.

    1. Josie - I would totally piss my pants too the day Jbird sleeps 11 hours. It took Tyler more than 9 months to get there. I guess we are only 3 months away from that.

  5. Looks and sounds like the perfect 3-day vacations. And I love that all the kiddies enjoy playing much fun! I want that trampoline for myself!!

  6. :) I have had some serious trouble feeding my baby solids, he is so picky! Jbirds facial expression is VERY familiar. :)