Thursday, April 19, 2012

A weekend trip

Thanks for your sweet comments on my friends Lan and Cathy's post. I have been really lucky to share so many life experiences with these girls.

That's why this weekend we are going to visit Cathy who just had her baby a few weeks ago. Another little boy. She lives in Indiana now so we are making the trip. This will be T-man's first trip to Indiana, this little boy gets around and as you can see we are still non stop around here. I am so excited to meet this new addition to our group.

Speaking of new addition, bebe deux is growing and growing, we are now 23 weeks and counting...Thank you Lord for a growing baby. All is going well with the pregnancy. I am not missing anything and I am so looking forward to a great delivery and a healthy baby. The belly is getting rounder and rounder. See for yourself.
Oh and I forgot to share these great pictures from Florida with you guys. T-man is the cutest big brother. He loves to point to the belly saying baby, tries to listen to the baby, and sometimes gives the belly kisses saying kisses for baby. He is just the sweetest.

If bebe deux is anything like his brother, my job as a mom is going to get easier everyday.


  1. Awww beautiful pictures.

  2. ahhh.. your belly is so cute! You've definitely popped! And how cute are those pictures of you and your son... he's such a sweetheart!

  3. Those pics are soooo heartmelting. What a good big brother!