Friday, April 13, 2012

Florida - Magic Kingdom

Our Magic Kingdom adventure was awesome. My husband was not impressed. He didn't think T-man was old enough for the adventure and didn't like waiting in line. T-man did have a great time once he was on the rides. He hated waiting to get on the rides so that made for an interesting time. I know he won't remember this experience but I am so glad we did it.

We got these super cute shirts from Universal a few days prior and I decided that we should wear them for our theme park fun.

We got to the park and took the usual pics with the castle in the background

Our first ride was T-cups. T-man loved it. We had to come back and ride it 2 more times.

We then went on "It's a small world" because it's one of my favorite rides here. T-man loved it. He was fascinated by all the animals and was so proud that he shouted their names once he recognized them.

We got on several other rides after this and T-man loved them all. He just hated the wait. He managed to take his 2 hour nap despite being out and about (such a great baby my son)

We didn't get to go on Splash Mountain or Space Mountain - that was such a bummer. I wasn't planning on getting on either one of them because of the crazy drops but I would have loved for the other adults in the group to get their fix. I guess we'll have to come back.

The day at the Magic Kingdom was definitely our longest day. We were so tired by the end of it but it was such a good day. We will definitely be back.


  1. Omg your shirts are adorable!! Seriously cute! A Disney trip is always so much fun! You never know what your son might actually remember... I do remember a few clips of my childhood at his age. :)

  2. We got the shirts at Universal, I thought they were adorable and couldn't help myself.

    By the way, my son surprised me yesterday when he started screaming Tea Cups hysterically when he saw a pic of himself at Disney. Maybe he does remember something.