Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our trip to Indianapolis

We had such a fun weekend. We left on Friday night after work and came home late Sunday night to make the most of the weekend. Our flight out to Indy was delayed (such a bummer) so we didn't make it in until 1am. Poor T-man was pooped and cranky and this made for a not so fun flight. He is usually good with flights and we always try our best to get direct flights so that there's less stress.

Saturday was record store day all across the U.S. My husband and Cathy's husband are fan of records (go figure) so they were all about it. The men left early in the morning to go do their record shopping while we slept in.

Our first born sons played all morning from eating breakfast to hanging out in the playroom. Then we headed out to one of the record store where they had a live band and enjoyed that for a few hours. T-man was so tired that he slept through the whole concert.

We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out with the kids and chit chatting away. I enjoyed hanging out with the new baby, he was so perfect and sweet, a total ham. If I wasn't pregnant already I would have definitely been working hard at it after this visit.

Such a sweet baby

 T-man is a little unsure about kissing the baby
 Boys will be boys
 They are totally having fun
 Such happy and smiling kids

 Me and the sweet new baby

 Our first born sons
On Sunday we just chilled all day at the house and played with the kids. It was nice to get a rest day.

This was such a great weekend. They are coming home in a month to visit her family and I am looking forward to more play time for the kids.

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