Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ode to a great weekend

This past weekend was great. The week sucked (I got into a minor fender bender which totally ruined my week) so it was nice to get a break.

We did absolutely nothing on Saturday and it was great. We lounged around and watched Leverage all day. Great TV show by the way.

Check out my T-man passed out after a day of doing nothing :)

Because we got so much rest on Saturday, we actually got up early on Sunday. We were fed and ready for Church an hour before we had to leave. This never happens, usually we are running out of the door. So I decided to have a little impromptu photo shoot with my little one :).

Me and my big boy, if only he could stop playing with that juice bottle
Trying to get a close up, T-man was just saying "Hi" the whole time. He is funny like that

 Took the juice bottle away and now he is not even looking. At least we tried
We then hosted a Super Bowl party later that evening. We had a few friends over. It was good times (I should have taken more pics.) The best part of the night for me was T-man playing with his friend Ethan. They are only a few months apart and this is one of the first times that they are actually playing together and enjoying each others company.

Aren't they just so cute together?

Oh and it was a bonus that the game was great and the Giants won. I was totally rooting for them, suck on that Tom Brady.

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